Rocky woods

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As I’m traveling very soon, and don’t have any new photos recently, for the next 10 days, there will be no new photos on the blog, but I will be reposing 10 of my favorite photos from the last years.

To start with, one from 2012, taken at the Stary haj near Krupina in Slovakia.
Rocky Woods

Foggy fireworks

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I was going through my photos, trying to decide what to post today, and I came across this one from the new years fireworks from this year. The photo was a little colorless because of the fog, but I played a little around with the tint, pushing it a little more towards purple, and it became quite colorful :)

This is a single RAW file, exported three times (base, shadows and highlights) and blended together in Photoshop.
Foggy fireworks


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This photo was taken at one of the craziest places I ever been, the Metelkova city in the middle of Ljubljana in Slovenia. You just feel like on drugs when there, it’s so crazy. Too bad the weather was just ugly when I was there, so every photo looks grey and boring. So I’m adding at least this one, where there is almost no sky. This was a small stand in the park there, with everything decorated like this.

This is a 5 exposure HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.

Armageddon – Process

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For today’s process post, I chosen this shot, just taken one sleepless night from the balcony of my flat :)


So lets take a look at it :) I started by taking 84 exposures for the star trails. That all looked like this:

That I first loaded into Lightroom, where I corrected the lens distortion, vignetting and white balance.

Then I exported them and loaded all into layers in Photoshop, that I set to Lighten mode to get this:

Then I followed with these edits (layers numbered from bottom up)
1. The combined image from all 84 exposures
2. Recovered the buildings from one of the exposures (I didn’t liked the lights the merging created)
3. Color Efex pro contrast on the sky to add more contrast and detail to it.
4. Added more contrast to the sky
5. Removed noise from the buildings
6. Added detail using High pass filter
7. Color balance to cool down the buildings
8. Added more contrast overall
9. Merged layer with few passing planes removed from the sky
10+11. Added glow to the photo


And that’s all :)