Top Photography Spots

As I take quite a lot of photos and visit some cities fairy regularly, I decided to put together few lists of my favorite places to take photos from.

So if you are going to visit any of them, and want to know some nice places from where to take photos, check them out.

I’m including a map to also show where the respective photo was taken (or where the general area was) and also if tripods are allowed or not. I focus on publicly accessible areas and prefer the ones with tripods allowed.

If you are from any of the respective cities, and know a great place there, feel free to leave a message in the comment. I will try to check it out next time I’m visiting :)

  • Chris Prowse

    Any hints for Cesky Krumlov?

    • Miroslav

      Sorry.. haven’t been there yet..

  • Flying Lin

    It is Airymind2. Suggest you fly to some places around Washington State, US, includes some places in Canada. The beautiful places will drive you crazy in shooting. :) However, I will note down top spots you suggested, thanks!

  • kombizz

    good shots