About the author – Miroslav Petrasko

Welcome to my HDR photography blog

Mostly it’s just about the photos, and less about the words :). I try to add a new post every single day, and for the last 5 (now it’s almost 6 ) years I didn’t miss a single day. I try to add a lot of different stuff, guides, articles, tutorials, reviews and similar. You can find the complete list of them under Guides and under Reviews. I also add a new process post every Monday, where I show how I edited one of my recent photos.

Also please excuse any grammatical errors on this page. I’m not a native English speaker, and I never found out why people are so obsessed with grammar (and I make more errors in my own language :) )


If you want to contact me for any reason, please use my address miroslav.petrasko@hdrshooter.com.

A little info about me:


My name is Miroslav Petrasko, and I currently live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I studied Informatics and worked as a game designer. I started with photography about five years ago and directly with HDR. Before that I did a lot of abstract art in Photoshop, so the HDR style was really interesting to me.

To find a little more about me you can check out the first issue of Pattern magazine where there is a short interview with me. You can view it online here or download a pdf version from Dropbox.

I also did a small interview recently for a blog The European quartet, and that can be found here on the European Quartered blog

Or to see which games I worked on check here my Moby games profile (not much yet, but will get better )

Where to find me and my photos:

There are so many social networks out there and here are links to my accounts on them.

I’m most active on Facebook, so there you can find me the most time :)

The best (and prettiest) way to view my photos is on my smugmug portfolio here hdrshooter.net

You can also find my photos on Flickr, 500px and Tumblr, but the only place where are all of them is the portfolio. I also used to do abstract images and they can be found on Deviantart.

Blog awards

I don’t join competitions that much, but the blog has already received two awards :) It has been selected as one of the best photography
blogs of 2012 and best HDR photography blog of 2013 by PhotographyBlogAwards :)
logo 2012
logo 2013

Behind the scenes

And to finish this page, here are few behind the scenes shots, where you can also see me :)
Behind the scenes in Dubai
With Marek Kijevsky in Dubai. (photos taken by Júlia Kijevská)
Behind the scenes
With Beboy and Edward Adios on the Eiffel tower and with Antonio Gaudencio at the La Defense Business center. (photos taken by Beboy)
Behind the scenes
With Elia Locardy in Prague (photo taken by Naomi Locardi) and while taking photos at the Neusidlersee lighthouse (photo taken by Rastislav Bútora)

  • http://curtalefarm.wordpress.com rontuaru

    I love what you’ve done so far! I’ll have to subscribe and I’ll add you to my blogroll! Keep shooting!

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com theodevil

      thank you very much :) I’ll definitely will keep on shooting :)

  • http://tbeidler.wordpress.com Tom Beidler

    Beautiful stuff! Saying I love the colors is a major understatement. They are awesome. Creative common license my butt ;) Dude, you should go commercial with this stuff. You deserve it.

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      Thank you :) And I’m already doing some commercial work with my photos, but it’s starting up very slowly.

  • http://margaretemiller.wordpress.com Margarete Miller

    Well, Miroslav, for me your photos have been a trip down memory lane. I lived on the corner of Bajkalska and Vajnorska for 4 years and looking at these photos of BA, done in such an artistic and technically amazing way, makes me very nostalgic. But the HD imagery really goes a long way to make me feel like I’m actually there, looking at what you have photographed.

    Truly excellent work. Congratulations on what you’ve done thus far and I’m looking forward to what you produce next.

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      Thank you very much :) I’m will be adding more and more photos, and a lot of them will be from Bratislava :). Hope you enjoy my new ones as much as the once already online (or maybe more :)).

  • Michal D.

    as I’m interested in HDR, I must admit your work is just stunning!! I love your technique, keep it up!!!

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      Thank you :). I will :) if you have any questions about HDR feel free to ask.

      • Michal D.

        I definitelly will, many thanks ;-)

  • http://connieconcon.wordpress.com Consuelo

    great job! :D

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      Thank you :)

  • Mohd

    Excellent Work
    Well done
    I have a question please:
    It is about the wordpress theme your are using?
    How did you modified the width? do you use Custom design?

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      Thank you :) And yes, I use the Custom Design upgrade on my blog, where I changed the CSS setup of the theme. It was the only way , that I found, how to change the width.

  • Mohd

    Thanks for your reply
    I use the Custom Design upgrade. Can I ask what CSS section you changed to increase the width?

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      i had to change

      #page { width:1180px; }
      #content { width:865px; }
      .post .entry img { max-width:841px; }

      and reedit all background images so they fit

      #main-top { background-image:url(‘http://path here.jpg’); }

      the same for #main, #main-bot, .post .meta .bot, .post .meta, .post,div.attachment, .post-navigation, .comment .comment-body

  • Mohd

    I will try that.

  • Mohd

    I changed the page, content..etc
    I got a wide width but the border and the post area (the white curved area) is not displaying correctly

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      probably just the images are off, you have to create wider versions of the theme images, and replace them

  • Mohd

    ok perhaps silly question but where can I get those theme images?

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      :) .. right click on your page in firefox, view page info, then select media… you get the list of all used images, find the ones you need, and save them. Look for main-top.jpg, main-bg.jpg, main-bot.jpg, meta-bot1.gif, meta-top1.gif and post-bg.gif

  • Mohd

    Thanks my friend

  • http://www.ayearinmyshoes.wordpress.com livvy30

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I’ve recently started to do HDR shots, but they’re not as good as yours! Keep posting :-)

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      Thank you very much :) an I will keep on posting :) And just don’t get discouraged if you first HDR shots are not that good, it takes some time and practice and they get better :)

  • http://xandreverkes.wordpress.com xandreverkes

    WOW!!!! **

    • http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com Miroslav

      Thank you :) :) :)

      • http://xandreverkes.wordpress.com xandreverkes

        Hi Miroslav!! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!! Have a look at my post for details!! & keep the photographs coming!!! I Love it!!! :D **

  • http://366photo.wordpress.com Rob Newbould

    Your work is truly stunning. I’ve been trying to do some HDR photography and I am really enjoying it but I think my shots pale in comparison to yours. I see that most of your images are three exposures. Are you typically doing a 2 EV bracket? I’d also appreciate any help you can give me with the night shots. Yours are amazing. I’m assuming that they are quite long exposures, How are you doing the bracketing on those? Any tips would be greatly appreciated,


    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Hi Rob. Thank you very much :) I looked over your photos, and some of them are also really good. Don’t worry, it just takes some time and practice :). And to your questions. I usually take the three brackets at -2,0 and +2 as that’s, what my camera allows on AEB. Usually that’s enough. I also included few tips on night shooting in this post http://hdrshooter.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/night-fishing/ hope it helps.

  • Steve

    Miroslav – truly outstanding work …. your images of Birmingham are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Come back to Birmingham when our new ‘Library of Birmingham’ is finished (externally mid 2012 – internally Spring 2013), I’d love to see how you handle that building with your professionalism.

    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Hi Steve. Thank you very much :) And as my brother lives in Birmingham I will definitively go there sooner or later :)

  • John

    Fantastic work! Thank you for posting these. They are truly inspirational.

  • michael C.

    I love you work … and with time mines will be just as good or better …I hope so anyway. Like you say it takes time and the way I am I will not stop til I get this down with profection with your help.

    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Thank you :) And it really takes some time. If you look through my flickr account, you can see my progress from almost the very first HDR photo I created. When I look at them now, I see how bad they look, but I know I had to make all the mistakes to get better :)

  • http://www.rscpics.com/ Scott

    Wonderful work on your site… especially HDR tutorials. Will look forward to seeing more.

    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Thank you Scott :) There will be more :)

  • http://bloggerlens.com Steve Sherron

    I’m just beginning to learn HDR. Last night I found your site and I must say that your HDR tutorials are the most extensive I’ve seen thus far. Thanks so much for taking the enormous amount of time it took to write these. Looking forward to giving your workflow a go.

    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Thank you Steve. Give it a try and if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

  • http://www.clicksahead.com Firoze Edassery

    Hi Miroslav, Can you tell me how you save the images for web by maintaining the colours and file size.

    thank you

    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Hi Firoze. I usually just export the file from Lightroom as a full quality jpg, in sRGB color space. Then I upload it to Smugmug as that’s my main photo host. And after that I just use the Smugmug version, and all the re-sizing on the web is already done by Smugmug.

  • http://sete-en-images.eu Michael

    Congratulation, you have created a great website for everyone interested in HDR, with some outstanding examples. I think HDR techniques should be used to expand the range of what our cameras can capture. Even the top vendors still don’t deliver in this field. Your Tutorial is by far the best I’ve seen, straight foreward and easy to use, thank you for sharing it.


    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Thank you very much Michael. Glad you like the site and that the tutorial was helpful :)

  • mark rice

    ahoj miroslav,your photos are amazing ,you have a great talent and i wish you every success , been to slovakia many times even more so ba ,your photos bring back great memories for me ,your locations are brilliant . great tines for you in the future . mark

    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Thank you very much Mark :)

  • Tom

    Love your site Miroslav, I am sure to be a regular visitor

    • http://blog.hdrshooset.net/ Miroslav Petrasko

      Thank you :)

  • Ariana

    Mr. Petrasko,
    I am in awe of your work. I would like to thank you for making these gorgeous shots available for us to enjoy, especially the HD wallpaper! I find myself immersed in the glow of the Thames or tracing the arcs and peaks of Prague’s cityscape all day instead of doing my studies! I wish you all the best in your endeavors… and you should know that across the world, in foggy San Francisco, a girl is appreciating your work and daydreaming of these wonderful places every day.

    • http://blog.hdrshooter.net Miroslav

      Thank you very much Ariana. Glad you enjoy the photo and I hope you will enjoy also the ones I will still add :) But please, don’t forget about your studies :)

  • Borek Seehak

    mooc pěkné obrazky. Jen tak dále

    • http://blog.hdrshooset.net/ Miroslav Petrasko

      Dakujem :)

      • Borek Seehak


        možna bych věděl, jak můžete vaše snímky využík komerčně. Věnuji se scetovnímu ruchu a marketingu.
        Jaká je technika obrazku a jake je max. rozlišení?

        Děkuji za odpověď.

        S pozdravem

        ing. Borek Seehák
        Atypus Travel

        2014-03-10 16:32 GMT+01:00 Disqus :

        • http://blog.hdrshooset.net/ Miroslav Petrasko

          Vacsina fotiek je 5400×3600, a rozmyslam co myslite pod tym ze techika? Jedna sa o fotky vytvarane z viacerych expozicii, ci uz HDR ale manualne blendovanie.

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  • František Stein

    Cože…??? Jak je možné, že tahle diskuse, tyhle stránky a tyhle úúúžasné fotky tady existují už více, než 3 roky a já to vůbec nevím???! Až teď! Jaká obrovská škoda.
    Fantastická práce, obrovský cit pro dynamiku a pro detail, nádherné kompozice a perfekcionisticky odvedené dílo.
    Jsem okamžitým a trvalým fanouškem… :-)
    Mnoho zdaru, jen tak dále!

    • http://www.hdrshooter.com/ Miroslav Petrasko

      Hehe.. Dakujem velmi pekne :) a no.. uz to skoro 5 rokov bude … cez 1500 prispevkov … a neplanujem polavit :)