Welcome to my photography blog

I try to add a new post almost every single day, and been doing so for almost 7 years now. That is a lot of posts. Over 2000 right now. I try to add a lot of different stuff, guides, articles, tutorials, reviews and similar.  And if you are curious, I’m the only person behind this page, so every change, every picture, every work here, was added  by me. It’s quite funny when I get email, where people refer to me as the HDRshooter team.

Also please excuse any grammatical errors on this page. I’m not a native English speaker, and I never found out why people are so obsessed with grammar (and I make more errors in my own language :) )


If you want to contact me for any reason, please use my address miroslav.petrasko@hdrshooter.com.

A little info about me:


My name is Miroslav Petrasko, and I currently live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I studied Informatics, worked for a while for Dell as technical suport, then a game designer and scripter on few projects and for recent few years, I’m a photographer full time.

I started with photography about seven years ago and directly with HDR. Before that I did a lot of abstract art in Photoshop, so the HDR style was really interesting to me. You can find a page dealing more with my beginnings with Photoshop here.

Quite early in my experiments with photography I decided to start sharing my photos. There was just no point taking them just to keep them on my PC (and Facebook was not yet there at that time :))

For the first few month I uploaded only to Flickr. But I was not happy, as there I do not have full control of my content (same on every social network). So I started this blog. I definitively did not plan that day, that I will still be continuing with it years later, and even less that I will be a photographer full time once. But one can never predict the future :)

I still try to post daily, even if it’s not always possible. Traveling and busy schedules sometime just do not leave mi with enough energy to do so. And here and there one just needs a bread :) But I will definitively continue posting and updating the site. I’m a stubborn person and I don’t like to give up on stuff :)

To find a little more about me you can check out the first issue of Pattern magazine where there is a short interview with me. You can view it online here or download a pdf version from Dropbox.

I also did a small interview recently for a blog The European quartet, and that can be found here on the European Quartered blog

Blog awards

I don’t join competitions that much, but the blog has already received two awards :) It has been selected as one of the best photography
blogs of 2012 and best HDR photography blog of 2013 by PhotographyBlogAwards :)
logo 2012
logo 2013

Behind the scenes

And to finish this page, here are few behind the scenes shots, where you can also see me :)

Behind the scenes in Dubai
With Marek Kijevsky in Dubai. (photos taken by Júlia Kijevská)

Behind the scenes
With Beboy and Edward Adios on the Eiffel tower and with Antonio Gaudencio at the La Defense Business center. (photos taken by Beboy)

Behind the scenes
With Elia Locardy in Prague (photo taken by Naomi Locardi) and while taking photos at the Neusidlersee lighthouse (photo taken by Rastislav Bútora)