Ok, maybe not the top 5, as I will have to revisit Paris few times to find the very best spots. But as I got question about some good spots, here are my favorite ones from my last visit. You can think of these, as the must visit spots :).

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Tour Montparnasse

One of the must visit spots in Paris. The view is wonderfull, the place is photographer friendly and you can stay there as long as you want. Just go there early, if you want to have a nice spot to view the sunset :)

Golden sunset

Top of the Eiffel tower

Another spot you have to visit. Go there early, find the best spot and don’t move until you get a great photo :). The view is just stunning. They also allow for tripods, but be ready that you will be checked almost like on an airport.

View from the top
Perfect sunset in Paris

La Defense Business district

Another spot with a great view, even if it does not give you so many different compositions. Looks to be very popular by Paris photographers, but not so know by others. If you go ther, just look for the stairs, and you will see it. Also the surrounding area give so many great photo opportunities, just look around.

La Defense Business district
Midnight Drivers

Notre Damme

Inside and on top of Notre Damme are both great spots, but as did not go inside during my stay, I suggest the spot I been to, the bridge behind the cathedral, and also the spot beneath the bridge.

Notre Dame de Paris
The moment before the storm

Arc de Triomphe

And spot number 5, Arc de Triomphe. If you can, don’t forget to go up. I was not able to, due to weather, but also from ground it looks great. Don’t forget to get yourself a nice ND filter, so you can blur all the traffic, and be careful when standing in the middle of the road, so you don’t get hit by a car. I suggest going to the opposing side, where the amount of people is smaller, with less traffic (shown on the map).

Traffic at the Arc De Triomphe
Blue hour at the Arc De Triomphe

There are of course many more great spots in Paris. The Louvre, area around the Eiffel tower, Trocadero, Pont des Arts, Alexander bridge and many many more. But I was not able to visit all, so that’s something to be added next time :)

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