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The last time I updated the wallpapers section, I mentioned that it was also time to update the 4K ones. So let’s do that today. Here are 4 new 4K wallpapers for you. As always, these are free to use and distribute, but if you share them further, please link back to this blog.

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New 4K wallpapers

As for all 4k wallpapers, these are in 3840x20160px resolution and can be downloaded from the wallpapers page.

New 4K wallpapers
New 4K wallpapers
New 4K wallpapers
New 4K wallpapers

Under the Margaret Bridge

The Margaret Bridge is quite a unique bridge in Budapest, as it’s a three-way bridge. Connecting not just the two sides of the Danube, but also Margaret Island. And this is actually the view from the Island, from under the bridge. It’s also a very yellow bridge, with many yellow lights.

That actually not that unusual as almost all of the historical buildings in Budapest have very strong yellow lights. You can see them in the background here. It makes for a very cool night cruise on the Danube, but also for a very hard time taking any night shots.

This one is a blend of three shots, done in Photoshop.

Under the Margaret Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

Evening vertorama from Lyon

Continuing with more photos from my archive. There are more than 100 000 photos there, so usually I find something to edit. But not always. This one is from 2016 from a summer trip to Lyon, France. I still remember how hot and sunny it was, that it was hard to stand in the sun.

Surprisingly, in this photo, I did not have to remove anybody. When I was there in the evening, there was not a single person there. This is the Basilica of Notre Dame of Fourvière on the hill above the city, and while there are many tourists during the day, the night is more calm, and empty. Perfect for photos. The yellow lights are a bit strong, making for a stranger color, but still nice.

This is a two-shot vertorama, edited in Photoshop

Evening vertorama from Lyon, France

Vineyards around Spitz

Let’s continue with a photo of vineyards from the Wachau Valley in Austria. This is actually a view from the top of the Hinterhaus Ruins, in the town of Spitz, on the Danube River. It’s actually one of my recommended spots for photography in the area, as are many spots on the hill you can see in this photo. There are almost no fences around, so it’s overall a very nice area.

I took this panorama on a very hot summer day. I was there to get a photo of a passing ship (similar to one I posted a few days ago) so I could not choose a better time. I had to follow the schedule. But one has to make the best of what one got :).

This is a three-shot panorama, each shot blended from two exposures in Photoshop.

Vineyards around Spitz, Wachau Valley, Austria, Danube

Inside the Liverpool Cathedral

While writing yesterday’s post, I remembered my visit to another huge religious building, the Liverpool Cathedral. I have been there actually twice, but both times already years ago. But I thought to myself, if I edited one of the photos I took then, would it still look good? So I did it.

I looked through my photo archive from 2010 when I was there. I still had a Canon 450D at that time, and I used it with a Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 lens. It’s funny to use photos from such a camera, as it’s only 12.2 Mpix, and if you have a 4K screen, you can almost see it 1:1 all at once. 4K is around 8.3 Mpix in size.

I ended up quite liking the result so here it is. If I compare it to newer photos, the ones I took with the Sony a7R or the Canon 5D mark IV, the lover detail is noticeable and the lens is just not as sharp as the Canon 17mm Tilt-shift, that I would use for something like this now. But since I took three exposures here and shot in RAW, I still could recover the highlight and shadows quite easily, even though the dynamic range of the 450D was quite bad.

Strangely, there is a sign “No photos” in this photo, but I don’t remember anymore if photography was forbidden or not. I just know that nobody said anything. Maybe because they were preparing for some event that day. You can see a screen in the back, and there were many tables set up in a different area of the Liverpool Cathedral. It’s been 13 years since I took this photo, so I don’t remember everything.

This is a blend of 3 exposures, done in Photoshop. I did remove a few people using Generative Fill. I do like the result, so I think I go back through the archive to see what I could not edit then, but would look good now.

Inside the Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, UK
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