Early Autumn sunset in Bratislava

So after quite a long while, I went out to take some new photos. And I even had a great location and nice sunset. I really hoped to take more photos, especially wait for the blue hour, but it was not meant to be. A very strong wind picked up after sunset, that I just could not get a sharp photo. It was even hard to stand still. But what esle to expect from an eary autumn sunset. There is still next time :)

But I got a few nice shots, so let’s start with one. This is a two-shot panorama, each one from 5 exposures. For each side, I took one extra shot, with my hand in front of the sun, so I can remove the lens flares. If you don’t know what I mean, you can see my guide on this technique here: How to remove lens flares. Like this, I got a nice, lens-free photo.

And as this is again a nice wide panorama, here is a wallpaper version for you, in 5120×1440 for super ultra-wide monitors with 32:9 aspect. This one and all the other super ultra-wide wallpapers can be found here.

Early Autumn sunset in Bratislava 5120x1440px

Light beams in the night sky

Let’s go back to last year’s White night in Bratislava with another photo of the National Bank of Slovakia. I was already walking to the bus stop when I turned around and seen this view between the trees. So I stopped, set up my gear again and took this shot. I do really like that you can even see the stars in between the clouds. Must have been quite a clear night, as normally you can’t see them that much.

This is a blend of two shots, done in Photoshop.

Light beams in the night sky

One more with the fireworks

OK, this is the last one from the New Years fireworks, and I will not be posting any fireworks photo for a while again. But I had this one already done, and just had to post it :)

This is again a single RAW, split into two exposures and then blended back together in Photoshop.

One more with the fireworks

More fireworks over Bratislava

Of course, I took more than one photo during the New Year fireworks yesterday. Strangely it feels already like distant pats. Really strange. I remember every year I took photos of the New Year fireworks, and it slowly changes into a blur of memories far away. Funny how the mind works. Still, I do hope all of you had a great start in the new year, and that this one goes by a bit slower :)

This photo again, I did a single RAW, which I copied and then edited twice. One for highlights one for shadows. Then I opened them in Photoshop and blended them together. Also, this was not a vertical shot. I did all the photos horizontally, as I was standing bit more to the side and hoped the fireworks explosion would spread out more over the sky. They did not. But a great thing about having a high-resolution camera is, that you can crop quite a lot, without really affecting the quality that much. So that’s what I did here.

More fireworks over Bratislava

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I start every year with a fireworks photo, and this year will not be any different. I went to the Old bridge again this year, but this time I went a bit more to the side. Like this I could also include all the people next to the Danube river in the foreground. Just to have the photos a bit different this year. It was very windy, but luckily it got better right as the fireworks started, so managed to get a sharp photo in the end.

This is a single exposure, split into two and blended back together in Photoshop.

new year fireworks Bratislava Slovakia
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