My favorites from 2012

Another year has almost passed. And since I managed to add a new post every day, there were alot of posts this year :)

Here you can see my favorites from 2011 and 2010 :)

And here are few of my personal favorites from this year:

On the opera stage The opera in Budapest is just stunning.

Dancing in the morning Let's continue with the Prague photos. I took many photos of this Dancing house during the last two years, but this is the first one I actually like. All it took was to wake up at 4am, so I can be there at 5am. Only thing I would want more would be few clouds, but also without them it looks quite good :)

Singing Fountain in Kosice A really nice place to have a lovely relaxing moment.

The stunning view Sometime you just don't know what looks better, the landscape or clouds.

Everything is green A little simpler shot, but just to break apart all the blue ones.

The blue sunset in Prague I just can't resist going to the top of any tower I see. This time it was the tower of the Charles Bridge in Prague

All the lights on Danube I went completely down to the river for this shot. I will probably end in the river one day while doing this, as standing on the rocks is not so easy. But the shot came out nicely.

Great Market hall I noticed this place already when I was first time in Budapest. But as it was Sunday, it was already closed. But this time, it was my first destination.

Easter Market Of course I had to go up the Old town hall tower in Prague. As the Easter market was in the square, I wanted to have a nice overview photo of the square.

St. Martin's Cathedral at night There is so much color in night shot. The long exposure can find it almost everywhere. This is of course another shot taken from the top of the New Bridge.