Right after returning from Cinque Terre, I thought about putting together a list of spots to take photos there. And since I even already got questions about it, here goes :)

Cinque Terre

For those who don’t know, Cinque Terre is an area in Italy. It consists of five little tows, those being Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Monterosso and Corniglia. There are all quite tiny and one can actually visit all of them in one day.

Before I get to the spots, few general things. I would not go there by car, it’s just not meant for it and you can’t enter the towns anyway. There are local trains every few minutes during the day and every half an hour in the evening. The trips take only few minutes. You can also buy a discount day pass, which is worth it if you plan to go more than 4 times that day (daily is 16 euros, single is 4 euros).

To access the walk paths, you need to buy a pass. Spots I mention here are not on the paths, except two, which I will mention. But it you don’t plan to hike, you can go without this pass. Also, in the evening you can get on the paths without paying, as there is nobody to check you at the entrance.

I stayed in Vernazza and I find that town the most photogenic. I will share more spots for that one than the others.

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Vernazza – over the city spot 1

This is probably the most popular spot in Vernazza. It gives nice view of the town and you will see some photographers here almost always. It takes a bit of waking up the stairs from the town, but it’s not that bad. If you wan’t to do sunset from here, I would go a bit earlier, as it get’s full quickly.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Vernazza – over the city spot 2

This spot gives a quite similar view to the previous one. But there is one big difference. If you look at the tower in the city, it does not reach through the horizon in the back here. I find the way it breaks the horizon line very annoying, so I prefer this spot. This is only about 5 minutes walk up the stairs from the previous one.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Vernazza – on the path spot 1

This is the first spot that’s on the hiking path. But if you go here for the sunrise or sunset, the path is open and you don’t have to pay. The view from the side of the city is great and most photographers go to the bit further spot so it’s not so full here.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Vernazza – on the path spot 2

This is the more popular spot. You will see a railing with a lot of photographer here. In front of the railing there is a spot with quite better view, but one should not go there as it is dangerous. But everyone is responsible for their own actions, so do what you think is best.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Vernazza – down by the rocks

If you don’t just want views from above the city, I would suggest going down to the rocks. Makes for a great long exposure spot. The view of the city is also nice, I just got noghting as it was crazy sunny the day I was there, and that made for horrible photos.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Manarola – opposite the town

Let’s move from Vernazza to Manarola. The best view here is from the walkway opposite the town. You can either stay lower on the walkway, or go a bit higher, to the top of it, where is a small park. Again, if you want to go there, go a bit earlier, as it’s quite a popular spot with photographers. There photos are from the higher spot.

Some also go down onto the rocks, but that’s a more dangerous location. Again, use caution if you want to go there, and you are there at your own risk.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore- down by the rocks

Another very popular spot. Not just for photographers. There will be many people here around sunset and you will be lucky when you get a spot at all. Don’t forget to take good shoes, as the rocks are a bit slippery. It get’s better later, as most of the people leave once the sun goes down.

Missing photo here, will be added as soon as possible

Monterosso – view of the beach

Monterosso is a bit stretched out, but my favorite view was from the side, seeing the beach together with the ship and mountains in the background. This location is easy to access, just walk along the sea. Here you can even go completely down to the rock, and have a nice foreground. I don’t have one as the area was occupied with people, but you maybe have more luck :)

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Monterosso – behind the tower

There is a little platform here with quite a nice view. If you look right, you will see a similar view as the one in the spot before. But if you look straight, you get this nice view of this tower surrounded by the sea.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

Corniglia – side view

The last but not least, Corniglia. This town is on top of a hill, so be ready to walk up many, many and even more steps, or take the bus :) My favorite view here is from the side of the town, but since you don’t see the sea as much, it’s not as spectacular as the other ones.

Top photography spots - Cinque Terre

And that’s all for this list, hope you find it useful when you go and visit the beautiful Cinque Terre.

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