All photos shown here are shared under Creative Commons licence.

So you may download and share them further as long as you follow these three rules:

  • Attribution — Please always when you share my photos, note that I am the author, with my name Miroslav Pertrasko and link back to this site or to
  • Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes, without my specific permission
  • No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work, without my specific permission

There are few photos, which are not shared under Creative Commons and have All rights reserved, but that is noted under the respective photos (there are really only few of these).

To get more info about Creative Commons licence, please visit their page here

All commercial uses will incur a licensing fee. My fee is based on the amount of photos used and what are they used for. The exact fee is based on final agreement between both parties.

For any licensing inquiries, please contact me under  Thank you.

Buy licences

Most of my photos are available for commercial license. I charge 70€ per photo for one time use (the use is specified when licensing), 200€ for unlimited use. In case of multiple photos or some special requirements, the prices are based on agreement by both parties. 

Buy file for printing

You can also buy any of the photo as a full quality full resolution file for personal printing. That is if you want to print it yourself as a poster or picture (just for yourself, no commercial use here).  I charge 30€ per photo in this case. 

And here are few of my photos, just so this page looks better :) 

Night in Madrid