Light beams in the night sky

Let’s go back to last year’s White night in Bratislava with another photo of the National Bank of Slovakia. I was already walking to the bus stop when I turned around and seen this view between the trees. So I stopped, set up my gear again and took this shot. I do really like that you can even see the stars in between the clouds. Must have been quite a clear night, as normally you can’t see them that much.

This is a blend of two shots, done in Photoshop.

Light beams in the night sky

One more with the fireworks

OK, this is the last one from the New Years fireworks, and I will not be posting any fireworks photo for a while again. But I had this one already done, and just had to post it :)

This is again a single RAW, split into two exposures and then blended back together in Photoshop.

One more with the fireworks

More fireworks over Bratislava

Of course, I took more than one photo during the New Year fireworks yesterday. Strangely it feels already like distant pats. Really strange. I remember every year I took photos of the New Year fireworks, and it slowly changes into a blur of memories far away. Funny how the mind works. Still, I do hope all of you had a great start in the new year, and that this one goes by a bit slower :)

This photo again, I did a single RAW, which I copied and then edited twice. One for highlights one for shadows. Then I opened them in Photoshop and blended them together. Also, this was not a vertical shot. I did all the photos horizontally, as I was standing bit more to the side and hoped the fireworks explosion would spread out more over the sky. They did not. But a great thing about having a high-resolution camera is, that you can crop quite a lot, without really affecting the quality that much. So that’s what I did here.

More fireworks over Bratislava

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I start every year with a fireworks photo, and this year will not be any different. I went to the Old bridge again this year, but this time I went a bit more to the side. Like this I could also include all the people next to the Danube river in the foreground. Just to have the photos a bit different this year. It was very windy, but luckily it got better right as the fireworks started, so managed to get a sharp photo in the end.

This is a single exposure, split into two and blended back together in Photoshop.

new year fireworks Bratislava Slovakia


There has been quite a lack of updates on the blog recently. And for a while, it will be that way. There are multiple reasons, but mostly, I did not have that many opportunities to take new photos recently, so not much new stuff to edit. Also, I returned to a daytime non-photography job now, and that had a big impact on my available time. But I do hope this all stabilizes quickly, and I get back to regular posting.

National Bank as a lighthouse

But today, let’s have a new photo. This is a vertorama of the National Bank of Slovakia building in Bratislava. During the White day earlier this year, that had this light installation on top, which made it look just like a huge lighthouse. So it was a perfect time to get a photo of it.

This shot is a combination of two photos for the vertorama, each one from two exposures. I did more than the two, but with the blur of the bus and the movement in the lights on top of the building, I ended up using only a few. All manually blended in Photoshop.

National Bank as a lighthouse, Bratislava, Slovakia
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