Working with a MacBook

It’s been over two years now since I switched to a MacBook. MacBook M1 Pro to be exact. I will write about the switch more someday, but just a bit today. The whole MacBook is just so strange. It’s either fast or pitifully slow. You would not believe how often I see the spinning ball cursor. Just saving a big enough file in Photoshop can make the whole system unresponsive.

And why is the SSD so slow? Saving a 1gb PSD taking a few minutes? Just why. And there is nothing else on the laptop, it’s just a Photoshop machine. Strange. I love how quiet it is and how it’s always on, but sometimes it’s just a pain. Maybe with 32 GB RAM, it would be better. But 16GB looks to be just not enough for Photoshop.

Different view of the Sky Park towers

Behind the camera at the Sky Park Towers in BratislavaAnd for today’s photo, a bit different view of the Sky Park towers in Bratislava. You can almost see all 4 in this one. The 4th is hiding behind the middle one here. I thought of moving the camera a bit to include it more, but it’s still a construction site, so it would break the feel of the photo a bit.

Btw. the 5th one, would be on the right side here, probably not that far in the future, as there is already a big hole in the ground there. But it will be a bit different, as these four are private residences and the 5th one will be an office building.

I quite like what they are building here, as this whole area used to be industrial, if I remember correctly, there was a demolished factory here beforehand. So it was mostly ugly and empty before. You would have no reason to go there at all.

I also shared a photo on Twitter while I was taking this one, so you can see it here on the side. This was taken with the 12mm Laowa lens. It was blended from 4 photos. I had to take two bracket series here, as some people walked in front of my camera and I had to use the other set to remove them from the final photo.

Different view of the Sky Park towers, Bratislava