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How to share plotagraphs in a blog post?

Since I’m posting a plotagraph today, I though I would also show you how I include it in the blog posts.

I use the video HTML tag to include the MP4 versions of the plotagraph. Of course if you just export it from Plotagraph, it would be too big, so first I compress it using Hanbrake transcoder (which you can get for free here), where I just use the default settings to recode the file. A file of 1200×800 px then ends up between 0.5 to 1.5 megabytes in size.

Then I use the tag in this form:

‹video poster=”link to image that shows while the video is loading” autoplay=”autoplay” loop=”loop”›
‹source src=”
link to the video in mp4 format” type=”video⁄mp4″ ⁄›
Your browser does not support the video tag.

You have to fill in the poster, as you need to show some image while the video is loading. Also the image shows when on mobile, as mobile browsers don’t load mp4 videos in pages. Also, if a older browser is used, they will only see the text message that you specify there. The autoplay part is for the video to start automatically on load and the loop will force the video to loop indefinitely.

Sunset clouds in Dubai – Plotagraph

I have not posted a plotagraph in a long time, so how about one. This one is created from a photo I took few years ago at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The sunset was great that day, and having the possibility to add a bit of movement here, really adds to this photo.

(if you are on a mobile or use an older web browser, you may only see a static image)

Sale on all Topaz plugins

Right now you can get all individual Topaz Labs plugins with a 25% discount by using the code FALL25. This sale is until the 30th of October, so if you are missing a plugin from their series, now is maybe the time to get it.

You can see the whole list of plugins and buy them on Topaz Labs website here.

The reflected colors of autumn

I did a short trip to High Tatras last weekend and while the weather was a bit all over the place, I did manage to get few nice shots. And while most of them were very wide panoramas and huge landscape shots, I did have my 70-200mm lens with me, so I ended up taking also few more close up shots. And here is one of them :)

These are the trees right next to the Strbske pleso lake. I just loved the color here and I wanted a nice reflection. The problem was that it was a bit windy, so the lake was not stable enough. So what I did was, to get out the 11 stop ND filter I have from VF FOTO and slowed down the exposure by quite a lot. There is a bit of movement in the trees, but the reflection is just wonderful.

This is a single exposure of 80seconds, edited mostly in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Another stunning ceiling

I posted a vertorama from the Palace of the Parliament some time ago, and here is another one. One just have to do a vertorama, just to be able to catch all those stunning ceilings. There is one in every room :)

This is a three shot vertorama, each shot from 5 exposures, but used them only to blend in the chandelier.

Night view of Vienna

This is probably my favorite view of Vienna. While the old city center is beautiful, it does not provide many spots for a nice cityscape. Viena, as many more cities, is just too flat to get a nice view in the center. One has to get more further from it, and this is the one you get, the view from Leopoldsberg.

I stopped there again last Sunday, and while the sunset was quite boring, the clear sky allowed for a very long line of sight. And you can see it here, where you can even see the airport in the distance behind the city.

And since this is such a big photo, you can go here, to see a 9 times bigger version than is here. This is a 3 shot panorama, combined and edited in Lightroom, Few finishing touches done in Photoshop.

Night view of Vienna

Different editing

It’s quite interesting what two photographers get when the shoot at the same locations. And its even more, if they do almost the same photo at the same time :). And since I went yesterday to Bokod with a second photographer, Pedro Kin, and he already posted his photo, you can check his result and compare. We both took a long exposure photo with similar setting, from almost the same spot at the same time. And in the behind the scenes photo on the sides, you can see both cameras in action. Mine is the one on the right :)

You can check out Pedro’s photo on his site here.

Early morning in Bokod

The fisherman houses in Bokod, Hungary make for a quite interesting view. And there are so many of them in the area, that they do offer a lot of photo opportunities. Regrettably, some of the walkways are blocked by gates, but there are still a lot of them open.

For this photo, we got up at 5:30, to be at the location before sunrise. And while the sunrise was behind us, the better view was before us. So I chosen to do mostly long exposures here, as the few clouds that were in the sky were mowing quite fast, creating these nice streaks here. And I’m really happy with the result.

So for this shot, I used a 10stop ND filter, one from Formatt Hitech. I used the camera build in bulb timer, to get a 4 minute exposure. The exact settings were ISO 100, F5.6 and 240 seconds.

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