Neon lights in the Dubai Marina

I will be away for most of the next week, so there will no updates on the blog. But if I go and take some photos, there will probably be some behind the camera shots on my Twitter account here. But before that, here is a new photo from the Dubai Marina.

While editing this photo, I really liked the neon color on one of the skyscrapers, so I pushed the whole white ballance into more magentas and purple colors. It’s a bit different to the tipical blue tone I tent to use most of the time.

This is a blend of two exposures, create in Photoshop. One thing when I edit night photos, is to try and keep them dark. It looks too fake when you have a night photo, and there is no black, no shadows and nothing dark in it.

Neon lights in the Dubai Marina

And just for fun, I also created a version with reflection. Just to see how it looks like.

Neon lights in the Dubai Marina
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