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Early morning at the Chrles bridge

I noticed I never posted this image to the blog, so here it is. It’s an early morning panorama of the Charles bridge in Prague, taken around a year ago. As you can see from the absence of other people, this was very early in the morning.

But actually, there were few people there, as you can see on one of the behind the camera photos, but with a nice long exposure and a bit of blending, there were not that hard to remove :)

Early morning at the Charles bridge

Ukraine colors on the Bratislava castle

I dont think I have to explain why the Bratislava castle is lit up like this, but I do wish they would do this more for happy occasions, than sad ones. Not that there were that many happy ones in last years.

And as this is again a nice wide panorama, here is a wallpaper version for you, in 5120×1440 for super ultra-wide monitors with 32:9 aspect. This one and all the other super ultra-wide wallpapers can be found here.

Ukraine colors on the Bratislava castle 5120x1440px

Some time ago in Budapest

I don’t even know if there were St. Stephens day Fireworks in Budapest this year. I don’t even remember when I was there the last time. It feels so strange, as I used to be there at least 5+ times every year. Strange times we live in.

This is a single exposure, double processed, then blended back together in Photoshop.

Some time ago in Budapest, Hungary

From new towards the old

A big part of the center area of Bratislava changed recently, with many new high-rise buildings being built there. The contrast between the old and the new is quite high there.

This view is from one of the new ones. Actually, the building you can see on the left here, is one of three identical ones, with fourth being built next to them. And this is the view from the middle one.

This is a two shot panorama, each schot from 4 exposures, blended in Photoshop.

From new towards the old, Bratislava, Slovakia

Blue evening in Prague

Let’s go with a shot from Prague today. The view of the center from the Visehrad area. There is a small lookout area there, that gives a really nice view. I would just suggest a longer lens.

This is a panorama from thwo shots, each shot from three exposures, blended in Photoshop.

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