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Removing dust spots

In some photos you just have many dust spots. Especially if you use a smaller aperture, you will see every little spot on your lens. If you want to know how to see all the spots in your photos, check out my guide on that topic here.

Mountain path in the Alps

Let’s continue with another older photo. This one is also from 2013, when I visited Zermatt in Switzerland, under the Matterhorn. This was a little mountain path that was going down to the town from under the mountain. Not that I went down the whole way. Since I had only little time, I had to use the cable car.

This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Mountain path in the Alps, Zermatt, Switzerland

Removing people from your photos

In today’s photo I used a technique, where I used multiple exposures to remove passing people from it. If you want to know more, I did an article all about it here, showing exactly how it’s done.

Crossing the Tower bridge

If you keep all the photos you ever took, you can anytime go back and edit ones that you could not before. The software gets always better and so do one’s editing skills with practice.

I did the same here. I selected one photo I took in 2013 while in London, and I edited it today. Came out quite nicely :) Since I always took multiple exposure, I had enough to work with.

The base of this photo is from 4 exposures, that I used to remove passing people. Than I used another 2 exposures to darken the highlights and brighten the shadows. All blended in together in Photoshop.

Crossing the Tower bridge, London, UK

Very hot weather

It’s been so hot recently. Every day I look at the forecast, that shows rain, and every day there is none. Would take few days of cold right now. Is it just me or do you all get tired and lethargic from this heat? Not in the mood to do anything at all. Just borrowed a infrared filter, thought about going to the botanical garden to get some cool shots, but so not in the mood right now. Hope it changes soon.

Sunset at the lighthouse

No panorama today. But I do regret a bit not taking one the day I took this photo. The sunset was just so perfect. This is the only lighthouse in Central Europe, at the Neusidlersee in Podersdofr in Austria. Really a nice place to visit, but not really in summer, as the number of people being there is just too big.

This is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop.

Sunset at the lighthouse, Podersdorf, Austria

Fake reflection

I sometimes create fake reflections in my photos. I just like these mirrored views and not always it is possible to get one. Either the time is wrong or it’s just not possible. In this case, with the Hungarian Parliament, you can either get a reflections, if you go for the sunrise, or get the lights, if you go for the sunset. But you usually can’t get both.

If you would like to see how to create a reflection like this, check out my guide on it here.

Hungarian parliament

The Hungarian parliament just looks perfect during the blue hour. All the yellow light and intricate design just shines in contrast with all the blue color around it. I would still prefer some clouds, but no luck there. Still it look great.

This is a two shot panorama, with a reflection created in Photoshop. I actually took one of the shots, than had to wait a bit for a ship to pass and then take the second. The time when the lights are on, it is just crazy busy with ships in the area. Panorama combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Hungarian parliament, Budapest, Hungary

And here are few details:

Hungarian parliament, Budapest, Hungary

I’m back

I’m back from Budapest and back to updating the blog. I got some new photos in Budapest, but not as much. The weather was just so hot and sunny, mostly with no clouds, that I had no energy even to go out during the day. And even during the evening it was not that much better.

View from the Citadel

I wanted a panorama of this view for a long time. And I already tried it few times, but the results are always like this. I just not have luck for a nice evening sky anytime I’m there.

This is a three shot panorama, taken from under the Citadel on the hill over Budapest. Combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop. I used the 70-200mm lens here, which resulted in a perfectly sharp photo.

View from the Citadel, Budapest, Hungary

And here are few details:

View from the Citadel, Budapet, Hungary
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