Skylum software just announced a new piece of software to their lineup. AirMagic. This is a fully automatic AI powered software, that is designed to enhance photos taken with drones. I have yet to try it out, as I have not done much drone photos myself. Still, the promo video looks promising, even if probably one could get the result in a more traditional software, like Lightroom or Luminar. Still, for those who don’t like to spend much time editing, this could be something interesting.

They opened pre-orders today, and you can find out more on the official site here.

Screenshots provided by Skylum.

At the Hohe Wand skywalk

Must be a crazy feeling just jumping off a cliff and flying around. When I was at the Hohe want skywalk in Austria, there were quite a few para gliders flying around. And some of them even very close to the skywalk. I did try paragliding once, but not this kind. The kind where you have a big propeller behind you and a pilot in front of you. Was a great experience.

This photo is a blend of two exposures. Actually both para gliders in this shot are the same person. I captured a series of shots as he flown by, and then chosen two to put together. Edited in Photoshp.

At the Hohe Wand skywalk

Pink color at the horizon

The lighthouse at the Neusidlersee in Poddersdorf, Austria is a great place for sunset shots. The sun set’s right behind the lighthouse most of the year, and that can make for some stunning shots. But not always. Sometimes you get only a bit of color at the horizon, with nothing in the sky. Same happened the day I took this photo. But to get as much of the pink color into it, I decided to go with a panorama. Like that, the pink area was expanded, while having less of the empty blue sky.

This is a two shot panorama, each shot from three exposures, blended, combined and finished in Photoshop.

Pink color at the horizon

Bench with a view

There are places where you can sit down, enjoy the view and just relax. This is one of them. This bench is along the path you have to take to get to the 5 fingers platform high above Hallstatt in Austria. I have been to this spot already two times in the last few years. And I want to go back. Both times it was a bit hazy when I was there. I would love a nice clear day to get the best view but had no luck with it. A sunset would be also nice, but since the cable cars going up there don’t run in the evening, that will be a bit harder to accomplish.

This is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop.

Bench with a view

Summer snow

Let’s stay in the Austrian Alps with one more post. This photo was taken along the path that you have to take when walking from the cable car to the 5 fingers platform high above Hallstatt. I was there in the middle of August, and it was hot. But this area is high enough, that even in the middle of Summer, there still was snow there. And of course I had to take a photo.

this is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop. Most of the shot is form one, the sky was darkened from a second and few shadows were brightened from a third exposure.

Summer snow, Hallstatt, Austria

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Austrian fields

This does look a bit like and aerial photo, but it is not. I actually took this with a 200mm lens from the area next to the Hohe wand skywalk platform in Austria. The view there is just great, even if a lot of these zoomed in photos did not work out that great. It was just too windy. Still, I have to revisit this place sometime in summer and get even more photo from there :)

This is a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.

Austrian fields
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