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For those new here, you can see all my photo in one huge gallery on my portfolio page. You can find it as always under www.hdrshooter.net :)

Neon lights on the bridge

Let’s continue with another photo from my huge Lightroom catalog. This one was taken one cold early spring in the town of Arnhem near Amsterdam. The neon light on the John Frost bridge are quite strong and make for a very colorful view.

This is a two shot HDR vertorama. It’s not really tall, as I did the vertorama only because a little bit of the bridge was not visible in the shot from where I was standing. So here I did two sets of 5 brackets, exported all from Lightroom, combined into blend planes in PTgui Pro. Then I merged them into HDR in Oloneo Photoengine and finished with blending the HDR with the original shots in Photoshop. Just few steps really :)

Neon lights on the bridge, John Frost, Arnehm, Netherlands

Panoramas in Ligtroom

Some time ago I did this guide on how to combine panoramas in Lightroom. And I have to say, that since then, around 95% of panoramas I posted are combined using just Lightroom. I used to use PTgui and Autopano, but I did not had the need for them much anymore. And even when I used them, it happened that Lightroom gave me better results.

It’s not perfect, still missing some functions (support for bracketed exposures and 360 photos would be great) but mostly the results are exactly what I want.

What are you experiences?

Amsterdam center panorama

I took this panorama at the end of March earlier this year. It was during a quite crazy weekend. I went to Amsterdam for two days, and while I also had to go to a different city, I had to change my plans and stay in Amsterdam. So I had few hours free in the end, so I went out to take few photos.

But that was not as simple as I hoped. There was a football match that evening, so the whole city center was full of (very loud) groups of fans. Not the best moment to take photos. So I stayed in this spot in the Amsterdam center, where I could go down to the water, and avoid having them in the shot. Still behind me, the noise was horrible :)

This is a two shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Amsterdam center panorama

And here are few details:

Amsterdam center panorama

Ad blockers

My blog, as most others on the Internet, uses advertisements to supplement the cost of keeping it up. And I know that some of you use ad-blockers. And, I don’t really mind. If you think that there are too many promotions on the site that you need it, you should use it. I try to keep advertisements to a reasonable amount, so they don’t interfere with the content. But I know, that it’s not the same for everyone.

Canal reflection in Amsterdam

Ok, it’s another tower today. But this time it’s one from Amsterdam. Amsterdam has so many great spot along the canals, and almost everywhere you can get a reflection. But to get the best one, one has to go there around sunrise, before the boats start going up and down the canals.

This was not in the morning, but after sunset. The reflection is there, but quite blurred. Still, it looks quite nice :). This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Canal reflection in Amsterdam

Reading list

The week really went by crazy quick. We are again at a Friday, so what book I got through this week?

Fist I finally got though Ready player one by Ernest Cline. Now I can watch the movie :). But, honestly, it was not as great as I hoped. I still liked it, but even though I love the 80s music, movies and even some games, the constant references to random 80s stuff was a bit much. Still, worth the read.

From non-fiction, I listened to Pandora’s Lab by Paul A. Offit. It’s a collection of 7 historical stories where science went wrong, or better said, where it was used in a wrong way. If you like history and science stuff, as I do, this is a book for you. It actually reminded me a bit of Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, which I read a while ago. But that one is even more disturbing.

I have not yet decided what I listen to next. Maybe I go with Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku or Zero World by Jason M. Hough. Will see.

What are you reading this week?

Early spring day in Hoorn

I visited Hoorn in Netherlands only once. Hoorn is a smaller town in the north of Nehterlands, about 35km from Amsterdam. It was just for a short day, and the weather was not the best. But I still tried to get a nice photo. As I could not stay there for the evening, I tried this, right before the sunset.

This is a two shot vertorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Early spring day in Hoorn, Netherlands


If you read my Top photography spots in Amsterdam list, I mention Keukenhof there. It is a park next to Amsterdam, that is just full of tulips. It’s just so beautiful. And since it’s also quite big, even with many people there, you can still get nice photos.

But there is one catch. The park is only opened during the tulip season, and that is already over. The park wont be opened again for around 10 months. So if you want to visit, go to Amsterdam between 21 March ndd 19 May 2019 and check keukenhof.nl for updates.

Few more tulips from Keukenhof

But for those who missed it this year, here are few photos I took over my multiple visits there :).

I quite like to share photos like these, as there are quite different from the normal photos I upload. You catch just so many color in one spot there.

All these shots are single exposures, edited mostly in Lightroom.

Few more tulips from Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Few more tulips from Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Few more tulips from Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Few more tulips from Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Few more tulips from Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Few more tulips from Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Few more tulips from Keukenhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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