First edited on the MacBook

So this is the first photo I edited completely on the Macbook Pro M1. I did still use the non-M1 version of Photoshop, as there is no way to get custom plugins to work in the new one. I just can’t work without Raya Pro anymore. But surprisingly, I could no see a real performance difference between this and my old desktop which I used to edit before (i7, 32GB RAM, SSD drive, 1080 GTX). Maybe just that Photoshop opens a bit slower, but I think that’s due to it being a non-native program. The laptop is not warm, and I have not heard the fan. That’s quite impressive with a photo of this size.

Still, I’m not yet used to it, especially the shortcuts give me issues. I already switched Control and Command keys, but that only helps partially. Will take a while to get completely used to things.

The center of Budapest

I started with a panorama to check the performance. This one, from the center of Budapest, is a two-shot panorama each shot from 5 exposures. Both first blended together, and the photo merged into a panorama and finished.

The center of Budapest

Here are few details from this photo, as it’s hard to see in these big panoramas.

The center of Budapest

And for those that would like this one as wallpaper, here is a version in 5120×1440 for super ultra-wide monitors with 32:9 aspect.

The center of Budapest

Budapest fireworks

I have not been updating the blog recently that much. No really big reason for that, I’m just tired and a bit unmotivated. It’s probably just that time of the year. Not in the mood to do much. This happens from time to time, and probably it’s the same for most of you. After a while, things change and I get a new bost in energy. But not there yet.

But let’s do another photo for today, one more from the St. Stephens day fireworks in Budapest. This is a single exposure, split into two and then blended them back together.

Green fireworks

I was in the mood for another fireworks photo today, so here is one more from Budapest. The beautiful thing about fireworks is, that even if you do many from the same spot, each one is a bit different. There is just so much variation and randomness in them.

This is a single exposure, that I broken up into two with different RAW edits and then blended them back together in Photoshop.

Green fireworks, Budapest, Huntary

Now and then

My editing style changed a lot over the years. Mostly I tried to move more towards more realistic and softer edits. Away from the typical grungy style that is associated with HDR photos. I don’t re-edit photos once I finish them, but for today I thought, I try to edit a similar photo to one I did years ago. So I went back and chosen a photo from 2012, where I posted a very similar one. I edited it, and here you can see the result. These two photos were taken minutes from each other, but with 7 years between the edits.

This is a blned of 4 exposures done in Photoshop.

I’m no longer 100% sure how the old one was edited, but I presume it was a HDR from 7 exposures done in Photomatix Pro, that I then finished in Photoshp. You can see the biggest difference on the bridge. I used to pull out a lot of detail in my photos, where now I leave some shadow still there.

Morning sun at the Liberty bridge

Let’s do a nice warm photo, even if the day I took it was not really that warm. This photo was taken one early autumn day in Budapest, very very early in the morning. It was raining during the night, and I was not even sure if I go out to take photos. But I woke up, and I gave it a try. And it was one of the nicest sunrises I ever seen. Not that it works like that every time. Most of the time you are happy if you get a nice photo at all.

This photo is a blend from 5 exposures done in Photoshop. There is a bit of a final touch done with Topaz Adjust AI.

Morning sun at the Liberty bridge, Budapest, Hungary

And here is also a comparison to the original RAW file. You can see why I needed to use so many brackets this time.

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