Top 5 Photography Spots – Prague


After Bratislava, Prague is the second city I took most photos of. I go there at least two times a year, and each time I take so many photos and find so many new views. It’s really a  very beautiful city. A lot of these are directly in the center of the city, but still you have to find the right spot, to get the best photo :)

To see all my photos from Prague, check out the Prague category

Since this page is the most popular part of my blog, I thought I give you even more spots. So look for the new ones at the end of the page :)

So here goes:

Smetanovo nabrezi (Vltava waterfront)

You just can’t miss this place. So many tourist taking photos. I always laugh when I see them taking photo of the landscape here using a flash :). But the secret of this place, is to go here when there is not much wind, and finding the right spot. There is a small cascade in the Vltava river here, so part of the river is calm and part isn’t. So if you are standing correctly, you will have the most beautiful reflection of the Prague castle possible :)
Wider view

Night in Prague

Under the Charles Bridge

Yes that’s correct. Not on the Charles Bridge, but under it. When you are there you will immediately see why. First of all, you will be alone there :) As the way here is not so visible (you have to go down from the bridge and the return a little), tourists just ignore it. I never met another person there. Secondly, the view of the bridge is great. And not many people will have the same photo.
Karl's Bridge at Midnight

Fisherman an the Bridge

Old town hall tower

Ok, another classic. The view of the city is great here, but also the number of people is big. But right around sunset it gets better. Great thing here is that you can take your tripod here. Just be ready to protect it, as the moving people will bump into you constantly :) Also the elevator inside the tower is great for sci-fi looking photos.
Easter Market

The warm rays of the Sun

Charles Bridge tower

Another tower. Not so frequented by tourists, as there is no elevator, and it doesn’t look that you can go up from outside. You can quite easily miss the entrance. You can also use your tripod here. There are more towers in Prague (like Petrin), but these don’t allow for tripods and are quite far away from the center.
The blue sunset in Prague
The beauty of a sunset

Strelecky Ostrov (Shooters Island)

Great name to be placed on this blog, don’t you think? :) Great view of the historical center and with a great reflection. Also the Bridge of legions and the National theater reflect so nicely. (note: last time I was in Prague, this whole area was closed for reconstructions, so I’m not sure if it’s open again)
A fogy reflection

A very sunny day in Prague

Letenske Sady (Letna park)

This place has a great view of the city and all the bridges. If you have good luck for weather that is. I personally never had luck for that. Usually it’s either overcast, or completely covered with fog. But I will return to it, until I get the shot I wont. (and last time I had luck.. so I added the photo here :))
Saturday, foggy Saturday

Bridges over Vltava

Prague Metro

Some of you maybe like taking metro shots, as I do. Prague metro is great for it. You can use your tripod, but I would not go there during the rush hour. At that time it’s possible, that you would be stooped for using it. But try going there in the early morning on Sunday, and you have the whole place for yourself. Here are photos from two different spots, the map shows the second.
Moving Underground

The Angel Station

  • max

    great photos !!

  • koen


    First of all, really beautiful photographs, i hope i can get some good results this summer as well.
    But i heard a weird story about a tourist being fined because he used his tripod to take a photo of the bridge. as you probably did the same, did you had any trouble, or did you had a permit, or is the story just plain wrong?



    • Miroslav

      Thank you. And I heard about that, but never had a problem. Probably because I usually shoot on the Charles bridge around midnight. But I still hope that Prague gets a lot less tourists this year.. so they learn not to do such stupid stuff.

  • Gerard ~ GQ trippin

    My GF & I go to Prague in less than a month. Can’t wait!

  • Bon

    Please contact me! I’d like to learn more about where these were taken. I’m going in 2 days!

  • Thomas Tapio

    Very nice pictures. Going with my son to Prague on Feb 19-20. What advice or instructions would you be able to offer?

    Best regards


    • Miroslav

      Depends on what would you like to know :) But if you are there only for two days, I would suggest sticking to the city center, the waterfront and the old town. For a short visit these places give you the nicest photo opportunities, without having to walk a lot.

  • Thomas Tapio

    Thanks, your comment makes sence. There is also a hill (300 m) nearby. Do not remember the name right now. Any point in visiting for panoramic views?

    • Miroslav

      You probably mean Petrin. The view from there is nice, you can see the the whole city, but I still prefer the view from the Old town hall. Petrin is on a hill above the city, and so it’s not close to anything, so you see only tiny buildings in the distance.

  • Mark Lloyd

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photographs. I shall be visiting Prague towards the end of February and will certainly be heading to the spots you have suggested. Hope it doesn’t snow at this time of year!

    Many thanks

    • Miroslav

      Sometimes it does.. even in February. Wish you good luck with the weather and enjoy your stay.

  • Math

    Awesome pictures !

    I’m going to Prague on early April.
    I wondered : is it free to go at the top of the tower at Charles Bridge? :)

    Thx and keep giving so much sense to HDR photography !

    • Miroslav

      No.. you can’t go up for free in the towers in Prague .. but the entry prices are not that big..

  • Anne CH Postma

    Awesome pictures. Very inspiring indeed.

    I am going there soon and I will try to find the spots you suggested and see if I can come anywhere near your photos.

    Did you use filters to make them or were you able to shoot them without filters (as I still do not have any).

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Miroslav

      Hope you get some nice shots, I was in Prague just yesterday :) And no, no filters used, I use HDR or manual blending for my photos.

  • Pradeep

    Hi there…. superb pictures….. Will be visiting Prague next weekend.
    Are all your pictures in HDR? Do you think tripod is a must? Do we get some platform up these towers where we can set our camera or should be handheld? Why is tripod restricted?
    Can you mention which camera and lens you used? What zoom range will be good?
    Thanks for the tips!

    • Miroslav

      Hi .. if you go through my Prague category you can view the camera settings and what lens I used by all my photos from there (just click read more under the photo you are interested in .. and the info is under the photo). Most of the towers have no real platforms to place the camera on, I really prefer a tripod. In Prague there are very few restrictions for tripods, I had no problems in any of the towers (they can ask you not to use a tripod if there are too many people there) only places where tripods are not allowed are churches.

  • Mark

    Very good photos. I am sure I will never be in Prague so it is nice to have pictures like this to see what I am missing. Thank You

    • Miroslav

      Never say never :)

  • Anil Yadav

    Hi – I am going to prague in two weeks. Really like your pictures. I have a Nikon and wondering what wide angel lens are you using. My widest lens is 28mm. You think I should get a wider lens to capture some of these shots?

    • Miroslav

      Hi Anil. 28mm is not really that wide. I personally use a 16-35mm lens, and most of Nikon photographers I know really like to use the 14-24 from Nikon. But if you go through the Prague category on my blog each post includes the info on focal length I used. And for most of the shots, I was somewhere around 24-26mm, which is not to far from your lens.

      • Anil Yadav

        Thank You.. May be I will get a 24-70 before I go. I alwasys wanted to have that lens. 14-24 might be too wide and less usefull for me in future. Thank You again. There is no way I will be able to take shot similar to yours.. but i will try.

        • Miroslav

          yes.. the 24-70 is a great lens.. I always quite often use a 24-70 :)

  • Adam H

    Hello i am a photographer and will be moving from manchester to Prague in September so i am really looking forward to visiting these places you have photographed here! .. i am quite new to photography and editing so my shots wont quite be as good as yours but i am eager and willing to learn to improve my shots :) one question… how do you blend mutiple shots together?


    • Miroslav

      Hi Adam. It all done using layers and mask in Photoshop. Look through my Before/after part of this blog, and you will see screenshots of photoshop, where it’s visible how it’s done.

  • Jacky CW

    Very beautiful photos and great information.

  • Geoff

    Hi Miroslav
    We are going to Prague in a few weeks time and I just wanted to say great photos and many thanks for all the information you have provided on your blog.



    • Miroslav

      Have a great trip Geoff :)

      • Geoff

        Hi Miroslav
        Is there much of a problem with theft? We leave for Prague in a few days and my wife is worried that I will have my camera gear stolen after reading some articles on pickpockets in prague. Any advice?
        Many thanks

        • Miroslav

          Probably it’s the same as everywhere else. There are many tourist there during the day, especially around the Charles bridge, so I would be more careful there. Other than that, I usually just go out taking photos in the early morning and late in the evening. It’s much emptier than, and you are not in a crowd, so in my opinion it’s much safer.

          • Geoff

            Thanks for the reply.
            I just bought a 6D with 24-70 f/2.8 and a 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 and Prague will be the first time i get to use them. I’m aiming to be up early so i’m sure i’ll be ok. Thank again

  • Susan Paulus

    Thanks for your generosity and sharing! Headed to Prague in 4 day, can’t wait! Will be checking out your blog.

  • Sofia

    Amazing photos!

    Congrats from Portugal! :)

  • Femi Jackson

    Awesome pix. I went to Prague twice last year before I started using a DSLR, I am going back in two weeks so I cant wait. I know I cant take such pictures at the moment but I can dream.

    Thanks for sharing

  • hanciong

    Hi, I am in Prague now, and I am SO excited to see your photos. But there is a problem. How to reach the Letna garden with public transport? I only see tram 17-18 pass through the bottom/base of the garden (sorry English is not my native language), but I don’t see anything which goes to top. Thanx for your information :D

    • Miroslav

      I usually just go with the 12 to the Hradcanska stop and walk from there. Or you can walk up from the city, it’s a little up hill, but you can get up in 10-15 minutes.

  • Craig

    Thank you for being so open about sharing exactly where you stood to get those photographs, much appreciated and will use this in for for my trip there next week.

    • Miroslav

      Your welcome, feel free also to check out the Prague category on the blog, each post also includes the location, so it can give you more suggestion for photo spots

  • Geoff

    Hi Miroslav
    Thanks again for your info. I’ve been having a great time photographing the sights of Prague. It’s just such a beautiful city. I’m part way through my second 64gB card and have a lot of sorting out when i get home :-)
    I thought I would get up early to go to Letna Park and take some photos of Charles Bridge all lit up with no one around and found that all the lights were off for the bridge and for the castle. I’m not sure what time they are turned off but they aren’t on at 5am!

    • Miroslav

      That’s the same in all the cities I have visited. They leave the street lights on, but the decorative lights are turned off. Still I hope you got many good photos :)

  • Marc Synwoldt

    Thank you ever so much for sharing your inspiring photographs and valuable insider tips. I’m going to Prague from 14 to 18 October, yet will only have fairly limited time to pursue my photographic interests. So your pointers with regard to auspicious locations are just what I was looking for! Really appreciated. Wow, this is beginning to get me really excited – can’t wait to get there and start shooting …

  • Anup Menon

    Great photos Miroslav!

    I understand the importance of planning and location in photography… I started a small website a while back that helps fellow photographers see a photo’s location and plan to shoot it with sun/moon predictor tools. Have a look I think you might like it :)


  • Aditi

    Awesome photographs. Thanks for the info on locations. I am visiting Prague this winter. Please suggest me some places to shoot good pictures. Is there some one with same interests in Prague. I would definitely like some company. PS – I will be there in first week of Dec.
    Pls contact me at

    • Miroslav

      Hi Aditi, I have send you an email..

  • Piter

    Wonderful photo..
    In going on 20 novembre.
    You can Give me some advice to where shoot pic in winter time? Thanks

    • Miroslav

      The same spots as I shown here. There will be no winter time on 20th November :)

  • Sayarm

    I can say only thank you for your sharing, I have a plan to visit Prague during 5 -9 Apr 2014 and your information can answer a lot of my question at photography spots in Prague.

    On this visit, I have a plan to take sunrise and sunset shot and your information very clear about sunset spot. But for sunrise spot I still have a few questions. First time I plan to take sunrise spot at Letna park, on Charles Bridge and under Charles Bridge, for this 3 places are safe for wait the sunrise. Do you have the other recommend place for sunrise scene? Thank ^ ^

    • Miroslav Petrasko

      Your welcome :) And the sunrise spots you mentioned are also my favorites. Its very safe in Prague, never had any problem, and on spots like the Charles bridge, even at 5am you won’t be alone (popular time for photographers :)). As for other spots, you can maybe try the castle steps, as from there you can overview the city, and maybe the Strelecky ostrov, if its open already. Have a great trip :)

      • Sayarm

        Thank you so much Miroslav, your answer very clear and now I hope only the nature will open the opportunity to me to get a best shot from Prague. :P