How about one more sunset, this one taken in the center of Prague. This is actually my favorite view from there, I always get few nice shots from this spot :)

I’m very sad to see that one of my favourite photo locations in Prague was destroyed yesterday. The John Lennon wall was a continually changing gratify wall for few decades, as a protest to government in Czech republic. And I don’t even like gratify, but there is a moment when gratify can become art and also a piece of history. And now, this wall was completely painted white by students. This is very sad, not only that they destroyed a historic landmark, but also but the lack of talent and creativity they shown. This is just lazy vandalism, nothing else.

To see how the wall looks now, check out this post in Czech news. Here you have one of my photos I took of the wall last year, as a memory of this landmark. .

Wall is over

It’s so rare to see a metro station empty. There are always to ways to get it this way. Either get up very very early, or blend multiple photos. This was of course the first option :)

The Angel Station

Since I haven’t been to many locations recently (only Budapest) and the weather in Bratislava is horrible (and I’m sick actually :(), I thought I edit one of my older photos, that I haven’t posted yet. So for today, here is a view of a lot of bridges in Prague. There are 5 in total in this shot.

This is a HDR from 7 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
Five bridges

I normally don’t really like to take photos of graffiti. It’s not really something that I find that interesting (except when it really done well :)). But the John Lennon wall looks so crazy, that every-time I go by it, I have to take few shots. And it always changes, so the shots look never the same :) Also, these photos are always the easiest to create names for. One just has to choose from the huge number of suitable names, right in the photo.

This is a single image edited in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
We've only got the one

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