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For those who would like to just see my photos, without all the stuff around them, you can check out my portfolio site wwww.hdrshooter.net. There almost no text there, just a huge wall of photos :)

Tower in Monterosso

If you look closely into the previous photo I posted from Monterosso, you can see this tower right in the middle of it. There is a small viewing platform right behind it, and that’s from where this photo was taken.

It is quite close to the tower though, so I used the 17mm tilt-shift lens here, and did a vertorama. I wanted to get the whole tower and also a lot of the sky.

This is a two shot vertorama, combined in Lightroom and finished in Photoshop.

Tower in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

Another photo from Cinque Terre

Yes, it’s another photo from Italy. If you wonder why I edit so many in a row, it’s because I’m preparing a Top spots in Cinque Terre page, and I need photos for it :). But until it’s done, you can see all other top photography spots pages here.

Warm day in Cinque Terre

The week I was in Cinque Terre earlier this year was very warm. And this was after the forecast for the whole week was rain, rain and more rain. I don’t really like such a warm weather. If I would not take photos, nobody would get me out into such a sunny day. But when one takes photos, it’s completely different. I can endure the warm quite easily, when I focus on the photos. I don’t even notice then :)

This is a two shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Warm day in Cinque Terre, Vernazza, Italy

And here are few details:

Warm day in Cinque Terre, Vernazza, Italy

Software I use

If you ever wondered what software I use to edit photo or would recommend you give a try, I have a long list for you. You can check out the whole Software I use list here.

Sunny day in Monterosso

Back to Cinque Terre with today’s photo, but to a new town there. This one is the town of Monterosso. It has some really nice views from both sides of the beaches, and is easily accessible. Too bad I had no time to get a evening photo here, but maybe next time :)

This is another panorama, this time a three shot one. I used a polarizing filter to get more color into the sea. Combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Sunny day in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

And here are few details:

Sunny day in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

Why so many panoramas and vertoramas?

You may have noticed I post a lot of vertoramas and panoramas. And you may wonder why it is. I just like them :) But that’t not the main reason. The main reason is, that I often take photos in popular photographer spots. And trying to get a different photo than everybody else, is just not that easy. And going with a different view, that panoramas and vertoramas provide, is one of the ways one can accomplish this.

There are of course also many other options. One could do long exposure, infrared, some crazy post processing, include a model or many more other options. The more unique, the better :)

The beautiful view of Vernazza

Let’s stay in Cinque Terre in Italy for another day. This spot is one on the steps above the town. But this is not the one, popular with the photographers (you can see the view from that one here), instead, this one is from a bit higher up. I like them both, but there is one major difference in photos. If you look closely, on this one, the tower in the town does not cut into the horizon line of the mountains behind. In the other one, it does. And for me that just does not looks right.

This is a two shot vertorama, combined and edited in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

The beautiful view of Vernazza, Italy, Cinque Terre

Covered brands

I got asked why all the brands on my camera and my lenses are covered up with duck-tape. And the reason for that is really simple. To be exact, there are these reasons :)

  1. I don’t want to advertises what camera I have in case of thief’s
  2. I don’t need to promote any brand or show off what camera I have
  3. The white label on front of the camera and on lenses can disturb a subject you are taking photos of (not really applicable for landscape photography).

Thinking about it, I don’t even like brands on anything else, like clothes and similar. The only brand I use is my own :)

Blue sky over Manarola

I really like this view of Manarola, and of course it’s popular with many other photographers. Just to have a bit different photo than everybody else, I vent with a vertorama here. Like this I got much more sky and the sea, to make this very nice and blue. And the little ship

This is a two shot vertorama taken with the tilt-shift lens. Combined in Lighroom, finished in Photoshop. You can see how to create panoramas/vertoramas in Lightroom here.

Blue sky over Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
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