So, as probably every photographer, I have few ideas how to enhance my gear. So today, I ordered myself a 3D printer. Not a pricey one, as I never had one before, but one to start experimenting with. And will see, maybe I create something useful one day :) Let’s be surprised.

Dusk over Vernazza

How about another panorama, another from Italy, another from Cinque Terre :). But today it’s not Manarola, but it’s Vernazza.

Vernazza is actually quite small. This was taken my last day there, so I wanted to hit as many spots as I could. So I started on the other side of the town (this spot) for the sunrise and for the blue hour I wanted to be at the opposite side. And it took me only 10 minute to quickly walk down to the center, and walk back up. If I can do it so quickly, anyone can :)

For this photo I used 2 photos, each one from 5 exposures. I started with Lightroom where I did few tweaks to the photos, exported into PTgui to create the blend planes, then continued in Oloneo Photoengine to create a HDR and then finished it all in Photoshop.

Dusk over Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Missing comments

Here and there I randomly browse the blog, just to see if all is OK. And while doing that yesterday I noticed that on some pages the comments were not available. And of course that were the most popular pages on the whole blog. It took me a bit of searching for where the problem is, but now it all should be working again, and comments are available :)

Btw. if you are curious which are the most popular pages on the blog, there are Top photography spots in Amsterdam, Top photography spots in Dubai and followed closely by Top photography spots in Prague :).

Down to the rocks in Vernazza

I posted already two photos from Vernazza, but this third one is a bit different. For this one I did not include the town in the shot at all, and focused instead on the rocks formation at the shore in the port in front of the city.

I decided to do long exposures that day, as it was very sunny and not really that great for normal landscapes. This is of course after the forecast for the whole week I was there was rain and thunderstorms :)

For this shot I used the 12mm lens, to get as much of the foreground I could get. Then I used the NISI filter holder on it with the polarizing filter and a Formatt-Hittech 10 stop ND filter to get the long exposure. The polarizer was not used because of the sky, but to get rid of the reflection on the water. You can’t really polarize sky on a 12mm lens, as it would result in a very uneven colors.

This is a two exposure blend of a 15 second exposure as a base and a 30 second exposure to brighten few shadow areas. Edited in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Down to the rocks in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Vernazza after sunset

This photo is exactly from the same spot I took the one posted previuosly. Just this one was taken the day before in the evening. The sunset was not the best, but the blue hour was quite nice. Blue hour usually saves the day if you get nothing for sunset anyway :)

This is a single exposure, mostly edited in Lightroom, with a bit of tweaking in Photoshop.

Vernazza after sunset, Italy, Cinque Terre

Sponsored posts

I have been getting emails with offer and questions of people, who would like to contribute to this blog or would like me to do a sponsored post here. So before I get more, I think I should clear my stance on those.

This is a one person blog. That means, I am the only author of all photos and articles here. And to keep things consistent, I plan to keep it like that (at least for now).

This also means that I will not share any post created by any other person or company here. On the other hand, if you are a company that offers a photography related product and you would like an article/review about it, feel free to reach out. If I find it interesting or useful, I’m opened to do one.

That’s all about this topic, off to another photo here :)

A sunny day in Vernazza

Behind the camera in Vernazza, ItalyI spend the last week in the Cinque Terre area in Italy. I visited all the five little towns there, and I even got some nice photos. The area is just wonderful, with so many great views. But if you don’t like hills and crazy amounts of steps, I would not go there :)

Here is the first one, taken in Vernazza. As you can clearly see, the forecast for the day, rain and thunderstorms, was perfectly correct :). It was equally correct for every other day I spend there.

For this shot, I took 4 shots vertically, to make a panorama. I also used the Nisi polarizing filter, not that much to get more color in the sky, but to get rid of the glare from the water. It worked quite nicely. This photo was combined in PTgui and finished in PHotoshop.

A sunny day in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy
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