I think I mentioned it before, but there are many neon lights in Dubai. They really use them a lot to decorate their buildings. They look nice, but make the capturing and editing of photos a little more difficult.

Same with this photo fo the Dubai Festival city. It actually should not be as purple as it is, but my white balance was set for a nearby bridge (completely lit up by neon lights) and it created this color. And as I really like it, as it’s something different from the blue shots, I let it be.

This is a manual blend from 4 exposures, taken around 1am at night :)
Moon and neon lights

A great end to one of my days in Dubai, was this beautiful Dubai fountain. We stayed around 2 hours in the cafe with this great view, waiting for the next show and always taking photos. When you see the first time how high the water goes, you will really be surprised :)

This is a combination of a lot of photo. The main photo was taken after the fountain ended. It was a 6 exposure HDR. I then used two separate photos of the fountain and one separate photo of the people in the front.
The Dubai Fountain

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I started posting more and more recently on Instagram, and even if it does not give a very good photo quality, it gives me the opportunity to reach more people with my photos. So if you are on Instagram, feel free to follow me there under http://instagram.com/miroslavpetrasko.

Night at the marina

Even in such a busy city as Dubai, one can have a nice calm time. One of course has to go out shooting at very late/very early times of the day. But you are always rewarded with some great views and magically calm waters.

This is a HDR from 4 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
Night at the marina

Last few hours

Only last few hours to join my photo contest. Now is the last chance. From tomorrow the voting starts :) You can get the complete description of the contest here.

Dubai Wallpapers

No new photo today, but something different. I updated the wallpapers section today with 5 new Dubai wallpapers. Two of them are huge 3840×1200, fit for two full-HD screen next to each other.



And another three for classic single screen setups.

Very high up 1920x1200
Dubai Marina Skyscrapers 1920x1200
Dubai Marina 1920x1200

Head over to the wallpapers page to download them, or you can also visit the wallpapers gallery on my portfolio site (just select that you want to see the original size in the bottom right of a photo, before you download from there)

Last day to join the contest

Tomorrow is the last day to post a submission to my photo editing contest, so if you still haven’t done so, now is the time. Just head over to the contest post, for all the links and rules. Good luck everyone :)

In between Jumeirah lake towers

Cant believe it’s already two months since I’ve been in Dubai. It passed by so quickly. But still have a lot of photos which I want to edit, but some are being a little more difficult that others.

This is one taken in the middle of the Jumeirah lake towers. It’s a HDR from 4 exposures created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
In between Jumeirah Lake towers

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