Top 5 photography spots – Budapest

So after Bratislava and Prague, the third city I’m adding to my Top 5 spots list is Budapest. There are much more great spots there than on this list, but not all are publicly accessible or allow the use of a tripod. Still I will ad few more later on, which I think are great, but I don’t yet have any good photos from them

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Under the Chain Bridge

I have to start with my favorite subject, a bridge. The Chain bridge that is. It really looks great at any time of day, but from my experience, the best view is during the sunrise. Especially during the very short time, when the lights are still on and the morning blue hour starts. This is only for about 10-15 minutes each day, so you have to be quick. Also be very careful when going to this spot, as you have to cross a busy street with no traffic lights (you are going there on your own risk).
Early in the morning

The rainy evening in Budapest

Opposite from the Parliament

Another spot where you should go for the sunrise. There are two reasons for this. First the sun goes up behind the Parliament. The second, that early in the morning there are no ships and you will get a reflection in the water. During other times of the day, the river is too busy and there is no reflection. Also finding the spot that is exactly opposite the Parliament is quite easy. As you walk along the Danube, you will see a metal part on the bank, and you are there :)
The very soft colors in Budapest

Another very early morning

St. Stephens Basilica

I tend to prefer spots where you are allowed to use tripods without a permit, but will have to make an exception for the basilica. It’s just so beautiful. And with a little luck, you can use a tripod also here. Just prepare everything before you enter and quickly take your shots :) During one visit I was able to shoot freely with a tripod for 10 minutes, before I was asked to not use it :)
Lights in the Basilica

Different composition

Above the Liberty Bridge

Liberty bridge on its own looks really great from any position. But once you get there you will notice a cross on a hill above the bridge. That’s the place I like. You have to find you way up there but it’s worth it. Just be careful if you stand on the edge, so you don’t fall down (as usually, enter at your own risk :)).
Liberty bridge

Not a very colorful sunset

By the Fishermans Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion is atop of a hill above the city, right next to the castle. It gives you a great view, but it’s mostly closed. But right next to it are two smaller bastions with a walkway between them. You actually have to pay to enter the walkway, but if you are there for a sunrise or a sunset shots, the walkway can be entered for free (usually if you see no one sitting by the entrance, it’s free :) )

Fisherman's Bastion

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