Tomorrow I will be back home from Prague, but until then, I got for you another process post for today. This time it’s a photo from a rainy day in Paris. So to get to this final result:
Returning to La defense

I did the following (layers numbered from bottom up)
1. 0EV exposure used as base
2+3. -1EV and -2EV exposure to darken the middle area
4. +1EV exposure to brighten the buildings
5. -1EV exposure once more, just for the sky (I didn’t like the result of blending)
6. retouched out the crane in the corner
7. used the +2EV to brighten few more dark spots
8+9. blurred layer and curves that brighten it to add glow to the photo
10. exposure to brighten the dark areas further
12. added a little saturation
13. pushed the color balance more towards green


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