Destination Budapest

And I’m packing again. Destination Budapest tomorrow morning. Again I have planed 5 days of nothing but photography. And as on Tuesday they celebrate the St. Stephen’s Day in Hungary, I can’t wait to take photos of the huge fireworks above the city. The weather forecast is great, so let’s just hope all works out :)


Yesterday I posted a photo from the top of the Frauenkirche in Dresden, and today it’s a photo from inside. This church is very nice, but you can see it has been reconstructed. It misses this feeling of years passed. You know what I mean. When you enter a church, you feel all those years that it has stood, but here, it feels just like another building. Still worth a visit.

There was no photography allowed, but as everyone around me took photos, so did I. Of course just handheld, the church was full of people and even standing in the middle was a problem. One good thing was, that the church interior is very bright, so even handheld I got fast times on my shots.

This is a manual blend from 3 shots.

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