I really hate it when there is a parking space right in front of a beautiful landmark. I think the areas around those should be walk-only zones and parks, not a parking space. The cities in Czech republic are quite bad in this. You often have parking spaces right by the historical buildings and quite often in the middle of walk-only zones. It makes the whole area feel worse.

Same here by the Vysehrad church. Horrible place for a parking area. And why? Just because there is a restaurant? Really bad decision on the planers part. Placing a parking area in the middle of a beautiful park (look at the map).

I wanted a photo from the front of the church for a longer time, but can never find the space empty. Same the last time I was there. But as there were some nice cars there, I decided to use them in the photo. There was this Porsche and a Bentley. Actually while I was taking this photo the owner came to pick up something from the car, and due to a very long exposure, you cant even see them. I did’t get to the Bentley, as another car parked right next to it as I finished this photo.

This is a manual blend from 5 shots.
Porsche at the Vysehrad

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