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From today you can sign up for my Newsletter. I’m still in the process of creating everything for it, but I will be sending the first one very soon. I plan to send one to four every month, never more than once a week (all depending on how much new stuff I have to share with you :)).

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Blue water in Dresden

I’m finally getting back to HDR after the last few days filled with editing party photos. It’s fun, but so much work. I’m so thankful for the sync function in Lightroom :) But here I have for you a photo from Dresden.

I created it by using manual blending. I had 5 exposures, but even on the +2EV the area under the bridge was black. I tried to brighten it up, but even in the RAW file the area was still dark. Strange how it got no light reflected from the water. Nest time here, I’m doing a +4EV bracket :)
Blue water in Dresden

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Free e-book for all subscribers – Capturing Fireworks

To say a big thank you to all of you who subscribe, I created an e-book on taking Fireworks photos just for you. Once you subscribe and confirm you email, you will receive a welcome email with the download link. An those of you who already are subscribers, don’t worry, the link will also be in the next edition of HDRshooter newsletter :)

The book is all about how to take fireworks photos, and here is a little preview:


Issue #1 – How to remove lens flares and much more!

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