Today I finally did a planed upgrade to may PC, on which I edit all my photos. This time, it was time to upgrade the monitor. For the last 7 years I used the Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW, a 24 inch full HD monitor. It was, and still is one of the best monitors I ever seen. And for how much I used it, it still works great. But after such a long time, it was time to replace it with something new :)


I always liked widescreen monitors. Even when I bought the first one, most people at that time only bought 4:3, and very few wide-screen ones. So when looking for a new monitor, I was immediately drawn to this ultrawide aspect ratio. But since first monitors that had it were just 29, I felt that that was just too small of a step up from a 24. So I waited, and now, the 34 inch versions are available, so I got one.

Here you can see my workspace with my old 24 inch, vs. the new 34 inch.

LG 34um95Old setup
LG 34um95New setup

LG 34um95

So the monitor I just got is the LG 34um95. It’s a 34 inch 21:9 screen, with a resolution of 3440×1440. In this post I will show you how it looks and what it does, and in a second post, probably next week, I will do a bigger review, especially how it is to edit on such a screen.

The screen have a very Apple style look, with shiny parts and silver background. Not really my favorite, but as I don’t see it from the back I don’t really mind. The screen comes with a nice looking, partially transparent stand, just too bad they chosen style over substance. The stand can’t be height adjusted more than 2cm (by selecting one from two sets of mounting holes) and it allows the screen to shake a little when you touch the table a little stronger. It also allows for a small tilt, but no rotation. The stand is also mostly metal, so has a nice quality feel.

The screen is mostly covered with plastic, with a metal rim around it. Here I actually seen few production errors, with the gap between the rim and the screen not being the same in all the places.

LG 34um95Box it came in
LG 34um95Stand connection and ports

The LG 34um95 allows for a lot of connections, from HDMI, through DisplayPort to Thunderbolt. It also has speakers, which I think nobody will ever use, as compared to the screen they are not so great. Additionally, it includes a USB hub, with a single USB 3 port and two USB 2 ports.

I only had few hours with the screen, so these are my first impressions. First of all, it’s huge. It’s very immersive and something completely different to a 16:9 screen. It’s very bright and colourful. It’s not only factory calibrated, but there is also a software directly from LG, that work with most calibration devices, so you can easily tune up it even more. The resolution allows for a lot of content to be seen at once, and especial panoramic photos, or new movies looks perfect.

The only issue I found that was not that great, was the backlight bleeding in the bottom corners and a little also in the top ones. It’s quite visible when the screen is completely black, and a little when it’s partially black. Not yet sure how I feel about it, as quite often it’s not visible. Will continue to use it and see.

LG 34um95Both monitors at same time
LG 34um95Calibrating

That’s all for now, more in the full review next week :)