It’s so nice to have landmarks light up at night. It’s only a problem when you are standing on the landmark, and trying to get a photo from there. You get these very strong flood lights right in your face, and it’s just very hard to get a photo without having lens flares or other problems in it.

If I have only one light there, I try to deal with it as if I had the sun in the shot. Just do multiple series, one with the light shaded. Or I try to shade the lens if the light is outside of the view. But this does not work all the time. Here, I had a lot of problem with the lights creating a glow, as there was still quite a lot of moisture in the air. So I decided to keep the light in the shot, and just do the second series with the light covered. And it worked out quite alright :)

Fighting with the flood lights

Technique: Oloneo Photoengine, Number of exposures: 4, Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D mark II, Lens: Canon 16-35mm F2.8, Focal length: 16mm, Aperture: 11, Middle exposure time: 10s, ISO: 100, Tripod used: yes, Location: 48.812449,14.315907