A little continuation of yesterdays post :) This is (almost) all the stuff I shown you yesterday, put together into a usable form. From the Gitzo tripod, through the Sunwayfoto XB-44 ball head, to the universal L bracket.

I’m actually quite pleased how the L bracket fits to the Metabones adapter. It is of course not created specifically to it, but due to it’s versatility, to fit any camera, it fits also that quite nicely. It moves the camera even a little more to the back, but that in my opinion even helps the balance of the whole setup even more. The only problem I noticed, is, that I have to detach the remote when I wan to go into the vertical position. If it’s connected, I’m not able to close the clamp, due to the cable.

After the first day of use (I had some interior photoshoot today) I’m quite pleased with the purchase. Just will take some time to get use how differently everything is being tightened, compared to my old stuff. Still need much more experience to do a review for it :)

All together

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