One of the things I planed for a while now, was to get myself a drone. I just love taking photos from up high, and this makes it a little bit easier to get that high. I choose the DJI Phantom 3 Profesional that was released recently.It should give quite the good results, while still being affordable. Now I have to go through the manual first, as I never owned a drone before, so there is a lot to learn. Actually I flown one few months ago, but that’s no replacement for learning how to do it exactly :)

So over time, there should be some photo from it on the blog, and for today, few photos from the unboxing.

And here you can see all that was in the box: the drone with the camera and battery (surprisingly, there is no cover on the camera lens), 4 pairs of blades, manual, remote, charger and accesories box.

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