Due to shipping delays, my own Surface Pro 4 is still few days away, but today I have here something for those of you who already own one. I added a new part to my wallpapers page, with wallpapers at the 3:2 aspect ration, exactly sized for the Surface Pro 4, that is 2736×1824 resolution. But since thats quite a lot, they should look great on the Surface Pro 3, the Surface 3 and also the Surface Book. You can head over to the wallpapers page to download them. As with other parts, I will be adding more randomly over time :)

And one very nice thing, that I noticed only just now (I feel stupid that I didn’t noticed it before :)) is that 3:2 is exactly the same aspect as most cameras use, so it just fits so nicely.

Secret place
Flooded by the sunlight
Blue hour at the Charles bridge
Midnight lights