I wrote about the Moo businesses cards before, but as it was time to reorder again, I thought I mention them and their new product here.

I’ve been using Moo business cards for quite a while now. You can easily create sets, where every single card has a different photo on the back. So one side is always the same, with the other side showcasing your work. It really looks nice, and you can even choose if you want rounded corners or not, and the type of paper. Here are my new updated ones, where I changed the text color, to fit with the blog colors I’m using since this year :)

The new product Moo has introduced recently, are their Business cards +. On first glance, they look exactly the same as the regular cards (but are a bit pricier :)). But there is one difference. All these cards include a NFC chip inside. So if you touch the card to the back of your phone or tablet, that supports NFC, a defined actions will be performed. This can either be opening a website, add a contact, open an app in the store or forward to different social platform.

This is actually not done directly. Moo stores a link to their website in the card, and that link forwards the user to whatever you want. You can anytime go, login into Moo website and change what the NFC chip does.

Here are my Business cards +, but I made one mistake while creating them. And it was not apparent, until a fellow photographer pointed it out. I forgot to add the NFC logo into the cards design, so if I give the card to someone, and don’t tell them about the NFC, they will have no idea that it’s there. One just sometime has to learn on ones own mistakes :) Will be better next time.

To lean more about Moo cards, and their range of products, please visit their page here Moo.com.