Back from repair

Today my camera, the Sony a7R returned from the service, where it was for the last two weeks. Looks like part of the motherboard and the charging board were replaced, as the camera kept freezing and restarting in the recent weeks. Looks to work fine now, so I will see how it works out. But to tell the truth, I’m buying a new camera soon anyway. I just still haven’t decided which one (5D mark IV or 5DsR are my candidates :)).

Sunset Prague

For this next weekend I’m off to Prague, to spend the few day’s taking photos. I never been to Prague in winter and with a bit of luck, there still be snow there (there is in Bratislava, but it’s already melting away). I have two ND filters from VF FOTO to test during the trip (especially curious about the ND2000 filter), and I’m also taking the Peak Design Everyday Backpack for the first time, so the goal is to test that one as well. You will find my finding probably in an update next week.

And since I’m off to Prague, how about a photo from there, taken during one of my previous visits. This one was taken from Vyšehrad fort during one quite cloudless, but still very colorful sunset. This is a single RAW edit done in Lightrom and Photoshop.

Sunset lit Prague