behind the camera in PragueWow this was such a huge amount of birds. I have been in Prague many times, but never seen so many of them there at once. In one moment, it looked like the completely covered the Vltava river, from side to side. And since there were many people feeding them in this areas, they concentrated really close to where I stood.

It was quite a spectacle, just too bad the weather was not a bit better, more fit for photography.

The bird invasion in Prague

For this photo I had to decide to either go with a quick exposure at hight ISO, to freeze the motion, or with a slow shutter speed and blur it. Of course I did both and got few shots in both setups. When going throught the photos afterwards, this is one I liked the most. It has a nice balance. The movement is there, but its not as much so one doest not see the birds anymore. It’s just enought.

This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

The bird invasion in Prague, Czech republic