I’m back

So I got back home few hours ago after a very busy week. I visited many places, took many shots, have a lot to edit. But I’m also very tired and right now falling asleep over the keyboard. But the updates should start up again, that is until the next time I have to leave.

Normandy American Cemetery

When one hears that there are over 9000 graves in this cemetery, it’s pretty hard to imagine. But as one walks between them, and there are more, and more, and still more as you go further in, the size of it is really overwhelming.

As I spend the whole last week in Normandy, I visited not only the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, but also Omaha beach and the surrounding area. It’s really interesting to see the places that one learned about in school, but it’s also quite depressing. So I will post only few photos from here, and focus rather on the more happier places.

This is a two shot vertorama, the top is from a single exposure, the bottom from two. I used a brighter one to brighten few shadows.

Normandy American Cemetery
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