New category

I’m always happy when I can add a new category to the blog. Because that means that I visited a new city or even country. Few days ago I added Portugal, and today I’m also adding Porto. I do hope there will be more again soon :)

As always, you can see all the categories, in a dropdown on the bottom of every page on this blog.

Evening panorama of Porto

As I mentioned yesterday, I had another panorama for you. This one is a blue hour shot of Porto in Portugal. I took this shot from the walkway leading to the cable car station. From what I seen, this is probably the best place to get a nice shot of the center of the city. Of course I got lock in there, as the closed the gates, while I was still there. Luckily, they are only waist high, and it was not that hard to climb over them. Strangely, nobody cared, that I, and few other people, were still there.

For this photo, I took 4 bracketed series, each one consisting of 5 exposures. I used PTgui to merge them into blend planes, and then blended them in Photoshop. Still, this photo is only 46Mpix, as I did quite a big overlap.

Evening panorama of Porto, Portugal
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