Using Plotagraphs as Live Wallpapers

Using Plotagraphs as Live WallpapersI was editing a Plotagraph yesterday, and while doing so, I had an idea. What would be a great use for Plotagraphs? Live wallpapers for you phone of course. They are perfect for it. The loops are short and endless, the files can be smaller to the size of a normal photo.

So I looked around, for how to do it. The simplest way I found, is to use an app called Video Live Wallpaper which you can find in Google Play store (I don’t know if something similar is possible with iOS, as I don’t have any Apple device right now, so can’t test). You just install the app, choose the video you want to use, and thats it. There are also other apps, so you can use any one you want.

It just looks great :) It gives so much live into a wallpaper, and since it loops perfectly, there is no sharp transition when the video repeats.

Download my Live Wallpapers

I did crop and export few of the Plotagraphs I shared with you on this blog, and you can download them here. They are all 1080x2160px in size, so a 18:9 vertical aspect. They are meant to fit all the new phones with taller screens, but the app should crop them automatically on different ones.

(You may see controls when you hover your mouse over the plotagraph. This is due to the fact that mobile browsers dont auto play them, and for those I need a play button so it can be started.)

Download the Star trails, Podersdorf sunset and Dubai sunset here (use right click/save target as to save the mp4 file).

And the Light over Paris, Autumn reflection and Dubai Traffic here (use right click/save target as to save the mp4 file).

Please let me know what you think about this idea, and if you use them in your phone setup, feel free to share a screenshot :)