Buying the same bag again

I have been using the ThinkTank Sling-O-Matic 30 bag for around 5 years now and I really like it. But over time I thought about switching from this sling bag to a normal backpack. This was mostly due to the amount of gear I use, and the weight it has. So almost every year, I bought a new backpack a nd tried to use it. But every time I ended back by the ThinkTank in a week or two.

So in the end, I just gave up, and just ordered the same bag again. Not that the one I have is no longer usable. But from all the travel its already beaten up a bit. Now I’m wondering, if I don’t buy one more, just to have a backup, as they don’t make them anymore. Will see :)

At the Christmas market in Cologne

The weather last week was quite horrible for me. So much rain everywhere. But I did have a bit of luck in Cologne, where for about one hour I was not bombarded by raindrops. So I went to the Christmas Marked there, and while it was very busy, I managed to find a small spot for me to set up a tripod and take few photos. And here is one of them. Taken right next to the cathedral, under the big Christmas tree.

This is a two shot panorama, edited only in Lightroom. I’m not really 100% sure about the look of this one. The reason is, I edited it on the Surface Pro. And over time I noticed, I have the same problem on Surface that I have on mobile screens. The resolution and quality of the screen is just so high, that everything looks too good on it. If I then put it on a lower resolution screen, it no longer does, and I see problems I could not see on here. So I hope that is not the case with this one :)