Prints & downloads available in the shop

Something I have planed to do for a while, is to offer you the ability to buy prints and licences of my photos right from my blog. And starting yesterday, this is available for a selection of my photos.

It will never be all of my photos, due to me not being able to offer them (either I don’t have a property release or they are already licensed to someone else). So like this, this will be a smaller, curated selection, of what I think you would like as much as I do :) But if you want a photo, that is not there, you can still contact me under

Visit the shop site here.

What’s available?

When you head over to my Shop page over at my Smugmug Portfolio, chose a photo and click buy, you will see what’s available. There are three categories:

  • Paper prints – here you can find standard prints, e.g. you would like a poster of one of my photos and similar
  • Wall art – here you will find the more fancy prints, like canvas prints, metal, wood and similar
  • Download – here you can buy a personal or commercial licence of a photo

Bay Photo

All prints are done by Bay Photo in the US. I chosen this one, as I wan you to have the best quality possible, and also most of the visitors to my pages are from the US. I currently do not offer prints from photo labs in other regions, but if you would like a print, and buying it from the US is not convenient for you, you can just buy a personal use license (where you get a full resolution image) and print it anywhere you want.


The two licences available, the personal and commercial are meant for different purposes.

The personal is just for your personal use. For instance, you are creating a photo book and want a nice cover, you want a nice photo fro your personal blog and you don’t want to have watermarks on it, you want to print out something that I don’t offer and similar. The photo comes as full resolution, 100% quality JPG image every time (other versions available on request).

The commercial license is for companies that want to use a photo on their website, promotional material, magazines, books and similar. There are multiple versions available (1Mpix, 4Mpix and full resolution), with different prices based on the size.

You can see the full licence agreement when you choose a download.

And here are few mock-ups, how it could look in your home :)

Prints & downloads available in the shop
Prints & downloads available in the shop
Prints & downloads available in the shop
Prints & downloads available in the shop