Back from Dubai

And I’m back from Dubai. The week really passed quickly as always. It was mostly a great trip, with a lot of photos and experiences. Not everything worked though, and especially the airline losing my luggage was horrible. I have to say big thanks to Sebastian from for helping me out and borrowing me a tripod. Mine was lost with the luggage, but at least it was insured, so hopefully I get the cost back.

So from today, I will share with you images I taken in Dubai and also some in Abu Dabi during last week. Here goes :)

Palms under the Burj Khalifa

I used the Laowa 12mm F2.8 Zero-D lens quite a lot in Dubai. With a city with so many huge buildings you can always use a ultra wide angle lens, and the wider the better. Same here, right under the Burj Khalifa. I really like the palms at the sidewalk, but I wanted also to have the whole Burj Khalifa in the shot. I wanted to get a nice framing, and also to keep the feeling on how massive the tower is. That’s why I like the perspective distortion here.

It was quite windy the evening I took this, and you may see that on the leafs of the palms. I did do a second shot at a high ISO, planing to mask it in and get rid of the blur. But as it was already quite late in the evening, I had to use ISO over 6400 to stop the movement at all, the results were quite noisy to be useful. So I left it as it was. But somehow it works fine in this shot :)

This is a two exposure blend. The second exposure was only used to darken few highlights in the shot. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Palms under the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE