Sunrise at the top

I’m trying a bit to relax these few days, as I’m still quite tired from running around for a whole week. And the 30 degree temperature difference between Dubai and Bratislava is also not so easy to get used to. I don’t want to get sick, as another trip is not far away.

But I did already edited quite a few photos, so the updates here will keep on coming :) For today, here is sunrise shot, taken from the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the At the top visit. Regrettably, the slits in the walls there, are no longer big enough to get the lens through. But I was prepared, and had the Lenskirt with me. With it, I managed to get a nice, reflection free photo through the glass wall. Had to only remove the few glass scratches that were still visible :)

Btw. I you plan a visit, they still allow tripods there, and even my, bigger camera bag was not a problem. Also, the sunrise visit has much fewer people than sunset, they just stay there longer.

This is a two shot blend, one shot for the city, second one for the sunrise.

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