Glow of the Atlantis in Dubai

As most of my photos are wide angle, it’s nice to have one telephoto here and there. And this is one of those. I zoomed in my 70-200mm lens as much as I could, to get a view of the Atlantis hotel on the Palm Jumeirah. Still, it was not enough to get it to fill up a whole photo. It is quite far away from the mainland.

I had some issues here with the editing, as the lights next to it are just crazy strong, creating quite a lot of glow in the sky. And with this photo being taken quite late at night, it created a lot of color banding. But with added noise and reduced contrast, it somehow worded out in the end. You can see my article on color banding here.

This is a blend of two exposures, done in Photoshop.

Glow of the Atlantis in Dubai, Dubai, UAE