As night closes over Dubai

You may remember I mentioned that my bag was lost by the airline on my way Dubai. It has been almost a month, and just recently I got info, that the bag was found. And today was they day they would deliver it. So I waited, the driver arrived, and ….. it was not my bag. So no luck there. You know, I’m not angry about this, it’s just frustrating. I need a replacement for the Gitzo tripod that was there, as the replacement one I got in Dubai is just horrible. And I don’t want to buy one before I know if I get the insurance money or the tripod back. It just all take so much time. Of course in the mean time I have to travel and work, so this is not helpful at all. What can you do :/

But for today, another Dubai shot. This one is from the evening blue hour, again from the top of the Burj Khalifa. This is a two exposure blend, done in Photoshop. Again I used the Lenskirt, to get rid of the reflection from the glass.

As night closes over Dubai, Dubai, UAE
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