Tilted view in the JLT

I posted many photos that I got using the shift function of the tilt-shift lens. It’s just so great for vertoramas, panoramas and perspective correction. But there of course is also a tilt function there, as the name suggest. The tilt function is used to rotate the plane of focus. Like that you can get a very wide depth of field, or the other way, you can make it very shallow. This way, by using the shallow DOF, you can completely isolate a subject in a photo in a way, that normally is not possible.

I don’t use this often, but here, for this photo from the JLT in Dubai, it seemed fitting. So what I did is, I shifted the lens down to get the view and then tilted the front element completely to the right to get the shallow DOF. Then I focused on the skyscraper in the middle.

This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Tilted view in the JLT, Dubai, UAE
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