Packing again

Work season started for me, so I’m again packing and hitting the road. I will be gone for the next week and while I will be in 4 different countries, I don’t think I will have time for any landscape or cityscape shots. Work comes first. So I will not be updating here, but if I manage, there will be some updates on my Instagram account.

Under the Burj Khalifa

It’s very cool how much you can get with a 12mm lens. You can stand really close and even so get the tallest building in your photo :). Same here were I took this shot from right under the Burj Khalifa. I really liked the composition with the palm in front of the tower.

This is a two exposure blend, done in Photoshop. Some of the stars in the shot were visible, but only few, so I added more in post processing.

Under the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
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