No more Facebook

Those that follow me on Facebook maybe noticed that I have not posted there in a long while. And actually, I don’t plan to anymore. Maybe I set it up to automatically update when the blog updates, but that’s about it. I even stopped going to Facebook website and blocked most notifications from the app. Over the last few years Facebook just became more anoying than useful, and I just had enough.

For now, I only use two social networks. Twitter and Instagram. Those are updated regularly, and there where you can find me. And of course here, on the blog :)

Fireworks at the AmaLea christening

I visited Vilshofen in Germany this weekend, where I was taking photos at the christening of the new AmaWaterways ship, the AmaLea. This is another wonderful river cruise ship, and if you ever can, you should experience river cruising in a ship like this.

And as by each christening, there were fireworks at the end, and today I will share with you a photo taken during these fireworks. This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Fireworks at the AmaLea christening, AmaWaterways, Vilshofen, Germany