Photo puzzle

Funny thing about selling photos also in photo banks, is that you sometime just stumble over a photo you took, somewhere you would not expect it. And that happened to me two days ago. Actually a follower on Instagram messaged me that he saw my photo in an online shop on a product. And it was a puzzle from Ravensburger.

It is quite a great feeling, when I remember that I used to buy quite a few puzzles from them, and now they sell one created from my photo :) And I’m not even surprised in the photo they chosen, as it’s regularly one of my more popular shots.

For those who would like one, just search for Ravensurger 197385. And for those curious to see the original photo, it can be found here.

Prague center during a calm morning

And since already on the Prague topic. This photo was taken the same week I did the Charles bridge one. It was taken in 2012. Hard to think that I have been updating this blog for so long now. Not even 2012 was the beginning :)

This is a single exposure taken in the Prague center, edited in Lightroom and Photoshp.

Prague center during a calm morning