Building a 3D printer

If you noticed an update to the “quick updates” section right under the latest blog update, you may have seen that my 3D printer arrived today. And I just spend the last 4 hours putting it together and another 2 to print something. The good news? It works fine. The bad news? Will take a bit of time to master the settings to get the best results. But it always like that when one tries something new :)

Danube in Flames

I think I mentioned I was in Germany last weekend. It was in Vilshofen to be exact and it was because of an event called Danube in Flames. This is sort of a local festival there, which end with a huge fire and firework show from the bridge in the middle. And here you have one of the photos I took there.

This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. You may notice a not exactly standard aspect ratio of this photo. The reason for that is, that I had to shoot up, as I was standing quite close. And with that, I got a very noticeable perspective distortion. And when you remove that, the photo stretches to a lot higher one. But I think it looks really nice like this.

Danube in Flames, Vilshofen, Germany